What is a blog and what are its benefits?

What is a blog and what are its benefits?

If you are still not sure what a blog is, what it is for and in what way it can benefit you, perhaps it is because until now you did not need it. But if you have become interested in this publication, it is without a doubt because something has changed.

We are living in new times in the world of labor relations and business. The digital presence and the art of copywriting are indispensable in any type of strategy. And on the other hand, the more extensive and recognizable your online presence is, the greater opportunities you will have. Well, the blog represents the epicenter of most online marketing actions and strategies . Do you really want to know its importance ?, read on.

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  • 1 What is a blog?
  • 2 What is a blog for?
  • 3 Benefits of having a blog for our business
    • 3.1 Make money
    • 3.2 Get customers
    • 3.3 Get a job
    • 3.4 Convert readers to subscribers
    • 3.5 Enhance the brand image
  • 4 Conclusions

What is a blog?

A blog is a section on a page or website with a complete structure and a variety of functionalities. It is used to publish content organized in chronological order and periodically with different objectives . Each of the blog content or articles that are published is called a post or article.

In these articles you can write about personal or professional experiences, opinions, ideas, recipes, or anything that may interest our audience. It is an asset that we must pamper, since it will be part of our image or that of our company . Through the blog, contact is established, according to our interests, with business contractors, clients, prospects and other users.

There are different types of blog for different purposes. For a blog to be recognizable, it must be personalized , respond to a style guide and be inspired by a specific theme. This apart from including very careful texts and images . In addition, it must respond to a strategy based on the objectives that we pursue. The famous phrase “I live from my blog” is possible, and many also live quite well thanks to it.

What is a blog for?

A blog is an excellent resource for generating traffic to your personal or corporate website . It is essential in content marketing strategies . Your organized dynamic pages may contain references or links to other internal pages of products or services that interest us.

The contents of the blog can be disseminated on social networks or through any type of campaign . We will only have to insert the URL to insert the reference to our publication in any social network.

The blog also helps to improve the SEO positioning of specific pages and the entire site . When writing texts for online content, we can include keywords associated with our activity. The keywords that people search for and for which we are interested in being found.

You must bear in mind that the more pages Google indexes with publications that include the selected keywords, the more visibility you will have in the search engine . A visibility that contributes to making a niche for us in our niche or sector.

Benefits of having a blog for our business

Being the author of a personal blog or co-author of a company or thematic blog is very comforting , something similar to having a personal diary. It can provide a multitude of benefits, among which we select the main ones:

Earn money

Earning money with a blog is possible in different areas, especially when it is focused on branded content . In the professional or personal brand field, the blog helps you find a job or receive applications and commissions . You can also improve the position you already have by taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented by acquiring a certain reputation. Stand out from others thanks to a blog scores many points.

In the case of the corporate blog for companies, the advantages and possibilities increase. It will serve as a channel to inform and argue aspects related to the interests of the business . Including the products or services we offer. This will make them interested in them to acquire or buy them.

Also, in both cases, a blog can be monetized if enough visits are achieved . We may incorporate paid advertising or affiliate marketing strategies for example, advertisements and banners. Promoting products and services of others to earn extra income through a blog is a widely used resource. Many online stores incorporate or are complemented with a blog.

Get clients

On blog pages, it is common to offer something of value in exchange for contact details . This data can be used to subsequently send information or news to our subscribers. And of course, it is possible to include new offers and promotions in these communications.

With a blog, the consideration of our target towards us increases . It occurs when you write articles with good judgment about something in which we are experts to give our opinion. Offer a different point of view, or simply convey what we can contribute unlike others.

Including an ebook or free downloadable templates in exchange for contact details may further convince readers . If the material is good, we meet your demand for credibility.

Later it will be necessary to work well with these data. Manage them to segment email marketing campaigns and avoid spam or reduce it to a minimum. The next step will continue to provide value with a good strategy of inbound marketing so that we do not forget and abandon.

Get a job

As we have mentioned, many people who do not have work can use a blog as a personal promotion tool or to offer their services . Even post as guests writing in blogs of other professionals or influencers who are the speaker they need to be recognized and hired.

Those who are in charge of hiring in companies look for more information on the Internet. Especially when they have several candidates for a position. The curriculum here is very short, it is not comparable to having a blog . If another candidate contributes a blog and we do not have one, it is very likely that they will automatically discard us. On the contrary, if they find your blog, they will be much more likely to get that higher paying job.

Convert readers to subscribers

If we retain readers to get subscribers through a form, we will have made a great conversion. We will be one step closer to being able to monetize the blog. In order to take this step, we must define a strategy to attract and retain leads .

What can we offer them in our articles? In which groups, communities or social networks should we publish and promote ourselves so that they reach us? Depending on the theme of the blog, different questions will have to be answered in order to establish contact with users .

Enhance the brand image

If many are asked what a blog is, they would say that it is the best place to work on the brand image of a company . Many invest large amounts of money and resources so that their blog has a notable diffusion and a good presence. Something on which your sales depend directly or indirectly.

If we want to show the world what we do and what we sell, what better way than to do it with a web in continuous movement? It is one of the keys to social selling to sell by socializing. With a blog we can demonstrate the knowledge we have and build trust in our target audience. The blog itself will place us as experts and referents in the field. Also, if we don’t prove what we know, no one will ever know. And there will always be others who will take advantage of these benefits for us.


A blog will help you improve in the workplace or in your business or company . If the approach is right, you will reap the benefits that will outweigh the investment, work and effort made. If you share a common vision, the same blog can also be the initiative of several people.

But exploiting the possibilities of a blog takes time and the need to complement it with other activities. Managing it requires organization and good taste, developing skills as you go . In addition, it is a long-distance race, which must obey well-planned objectives. If you already know all this and are clear about it, what are you waiting for to create or order yours?


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