Tips to do content curation correctly

Tips to do content curation correctly

It is a must for many companies and marketing agencies, but do you really take advantage of it? Today we tell you how to carry out content curation analysis and what are the best tools to make your content the most accurate possible. Stay reading to find out more!


What is content curation?

First of all … Do you know what we mean by the concept of “content curation ” ?

This is a digital marketing strategy that is based on data that comes from sources that collect our web traffic or in social networks with interest to our audience. It is much more than sharing content.


There are no limits to it because you can select videos, articles, images, songs or any digital content online that can be shared.


In this strategy it is important to take into account the human factor, which is what adds value to the content selection process. In this way, you will be able to filter, optimize and program the message that you want to transmit with your content in an optimal way.


What does a content curator do?

Maybe you are being a content curator and you didn’t know it yet. But now you will know. A content curator is a person who is in charge of selecting only the best content to share with their own followers.


It is responsible for grouping, filtering and processing all this data and then carry out an analysis that allows you to draw your own conclusions and make the audience appreciate and enjoy it.

For many companies, content curation is used to drive search engine optimization (SEO). Sites that use content curation and use it frequently tend to reward themselves by indexing them in higher positions.

Benefits of content curation in your marketing strategy

Sometimes you have a wrong perception about sharing content and this should not happen. As long as it is carried out in a lawful and legal manner, it will bring different benefits to your marketing plan. Among them, the following should be highlighted:



1.Time saving

You will save time and money when creating content. It’s a good way to start your strategy if your resources are limited at first.

2.Get a reputation

You will be able to gain reputation within your sector. With content marketing you will be able to position your blog or website. Every day users are saturated with all the information on social networks and need the content to be filtered beforehand. Is your moment!

3. increase your presence

If you increase the number of publications, your presence will be favored. Especially in seasonal sectors in which it is difficult to generate your own content outside the period of activity.

4. Reach the maximum audience again

You will be able to make yourself known to new users and who are interested in your content thanks to the searches they do, the use of hashtags or the publications that their contacts share.


How to do a correct content curation in digital marketing?

Before sharing content with your audience, it is good to follow these steps:

1.Know your audience

Step number 1! Research your audience for effective content curation. Your content will be valuable if you know who you are targeting.

One of the ways to find out what the audience is looking for is to create audience profiles. This will help you to think of your audience as real people and will allow you to carefully carry out what type of content curation you need and which will be most useful.

Of course, remember that it is not just about sharing content, we mean curating the content. The function as a content curator is to choose what you will promote or report on your channels. You must be selective. Know what the public wants.

Before clicking the ‘Share’ button, make sure you understand how your content will help your followers.

In this way, keep an eye on the participation levels of your selected publications. You will learn what type of content really resonates with your followers.

2. Add your personal opinion

Give your personal opinion. People want to know what you think. It’s not just about sharing or retweeting posts without comments. This is not useful for your followers. They want to know what you think about what you have shared.

Nor is it necessary that you extend yourself, simply with one or two short sentences that explain why you think that content is valuable, useful or recommended is enough.

Also if your opinion presents a unique vision, this will be great.

3. Link and tag the original source

Remember! Content curation is intended to share content, not steal or plagiarize it. None of these actions are allowed when carrying out your content curation. They are unprofessional and at worst illegal.

When you share any type of content, be sure to link to it and mention the original source, tagging their social accounts or websites.

If, for example, you share content from others on your blog or social networks, share only a short preview and link from the original source for all the text.

As we’ve discussed previously, content curation can help build your community and website. This will only happen if you respect and do the right thing with any type of original content. Karma is very wise!


4. Check the content before sharing


They already told us from childhood, do not believe everything you see on the Internet . Before sharing any content with your community, you must understand it. Make sure what you convey is true. Try to find sources and channels that provide true and truthful information.

Top tools for content curation

Now, what you were waiting for… For many people, content curation is part of their digital strategy. This will help you position yourself in search engines. Here is the definitive list of content curation:


The power of Curata lies in its ability to recommend and help you discover relevant content relevant to your respective audiences without manual labor.

Users can adjust, customize and categorize content sources for review and then distribute them, all from a central platform.

You can then use Curata’s publishing and promotion tools to repurpose selected content on your blog, social media accounts, newsletters / newsletters, and automated marketing platforms.


Flipboard could be defined as an RSS feed reader and a social media manager. Its advantage is that it offers a simple view and gives access to all the information that interests you . The first thing you must do to use it is to register with a user and choose the categories that are of interest to you. For example, from its cover you can access the latest news on the selected topics. From there you must scroll through the different content pages.

Profiles of Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube … you can link your Flipboard account with any of these platforms. You can also publish the updates on social networks that you have linked to your profile.

Finally, configure the text size, push notifications, reading options, etc., to finish customizing your profile and find out about all the news.

3.Scoop it

It will be your perfect ally tool to select the content you want to save and share. It will allow you to create a page automatically and collect content related to certain topics. You can create a mini page where you can collect the content related to a specific topic. These pages are known as topics, and each publication is called a post.


You can create all the topics you want. Add posts that contain links, videos, photos or texts.



Finally, use keywords to facilitate your searches so that Scoop it suggests content related to your topic.


It offers a hybrid service between a blog and a content curator. This is because the content is not static and encourages you to make continuous updates, allowing you to carry out a greater interaction with the user.


  1. Upcontent

It is a platform of American origin that ensures you save time when looking for rich content for your company.


First of all, select a topic and Upcontent will show you the most relevant results. You yourself will be able to filter, select and program those that you want to share on your networks.



Any of its payment rates allows you to do a trial period. From there, you can subscribe from $ 15 a month.


  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool that will allow you to have important information at your fingertips on what are the most shared content on social networks; both those of your company and those of the competition. You can do it through a search for a domain or keyword. It also offers the option to activate alerts when new content is posted.

You will be able to discover which are the most shared contents, differentiating themselves by country, language, type of content (image, post or video), which influencers have shared it and generate analysis reports by subjects and other types of filters.



Like many of these tools, a free standard plan is offered. You also have a 7-day free trial of any of their paid rates.


  1. Feedly

In the same way as Flipboard, it is also an RSS reader, but also a news and content aggregator. Feedly was launched in 2008 and has since become an essential tool for content curation.


Among all its functionalities we can highlight the search, filter and order blog by categories; you will receive notifications of new blog posts that you follow. In addition, you can save the blogs that interest you and want to read them later.



A free version is offered that has 100 sources and 3 feeds. It also has several premium plans with more features paying $ 6 a month. Updating Feedly Pro.


Do you want to boost your positioning on your website?

Now is the time to put everything you’ve learned in this article into practice. But if you still want to continue improving your presence on the internet and increase your sales by climbing, at Bryte we can help you. We are experts in web positioning and we work on content curation to be able to appear in the first search results without resorting to paid campaigns.


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