What is the sdk or software development kit? discover all the keys

What is the sdk or software development kit? discover all the keys


The SDK or Software Development Kit has become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day life of developers, as it helps them face challenges on a daily basis. And it is that, the SDK manager is not only a key element in working with programming languages ​​and in the development and creation of programs for specific platforms, but it is also essential to improve the qualitative aspects of a mobile application and improve the experience of the user .

Therefore, and given the importance of this system in the world of software and development, the following defines what the SDK is , what it contains for its operation, how it can help companies and why put yourself in the hands of a specialist to its correct use.

What is the SDK and what is it made of?

A Software Development Kit or SDK is a package of tools and data that allows programmers to generate a specific language for a specific platform or application, and in this way, obtain all the information hidden behind a mobile app. In other words, the SDK is used to collect the information and data saved in a certain mobile application about the users. In this sense, it is an essential element in the world of business big data, since it allows converting a conventional app into an information collection model to be able to monetize the data .

The composition of the SDK (Software Development Kit) varies depending on the manufacturer, but a standard component that practically all includes is the API (Application Programming Interfaces), the interface that stores the code generated by the app in the software of the user’s computer to, subsequently, allow developers to obtain all the information collected. In short, the API is used to store all the data obtained through the application in the memory of the PC.

On the other hand, a good software SDK should include compilers and other testing and analysis tools that are available, in addition to all the basic technical components such as editors, libraries, runtime systems, and development environments.

Software Development Kit
Software Development Kit

But how does the SDK improve a company’s data collection system?

As we have been anticipating, through this system information is collected about the activity of users in a mobile application. Subsequently, once the data is stored in the software, all this information is ordered and categorized to send it to the analytics servers, which work the same as Google Analytics, among others, allowing a simple, clear and schematic display of the information.

Some of the most common data in the SDK system are, for example, what the user sees, the operating system of their device or how often they open the application. However, the most important function of this technology is that it is capable of differentiating each user, generating a unique and anonymous identifier for each of them.

Therefore, the SDK is capable of generating very valuable data from each of the users who browse the mobile application of a company, because in addition, the system can be adapted to the information needs of each company to find out their tastes, preferences, average browsing time or favorite sections of the app users. Thus, it is possible to adapt the commercial offer and focus on consumers .

Why go to a specialist to make use of this system?

Although the SDK is designed so that its operation is as easy as possible when it reaches the hands of the developer, it is evident that this system has multiple functionalities to be able to get the most out of the program. And precisely for this reason, it must be a specialist who handles it.

For its part, although the data collected in the SDK manager is ordered and classified into folders, it is essential that an analyst be the one who deciphers all the information and manages to transform the data into relevant knowledge that improves the commercial strategy of the company and helps to make better decisions for each company.

This is precisely where Grupo Next comes into play, a company made up of experts in data analysis and big data capable of making use of the SDK to turn a standard application into a model for collecting data from end users and monetizing i


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