Inbound marketing the key to success for 2021

Inbound marketing the key to success for 2021

When we talk about digital marketing, and more specifically about online marketing strategies, we must speak clearly about inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a set of marketing techniques that are used with the strategic purpose of attracting customer.

Attraction marketing or mers in a non-intrusive way. The brand attracts customers through useful, relevant and value-added content, but it is the user himself who finds this content based on his needs.

Unlike traditional advertising or outbound marketing, potential customers, previously defined under the profile of “buyer persona”, do not relate these techniques to the purpose or purpose of obtaining sales, they simply obtain a value in the content found and it is just as they get to the mark.

Although it is true that inbound marketing has been a trend since its inception many years ago by the hand of Hubspot, to this day and despite the drastic change in the digital environment, it is still one of the great trends to be followed by the vast majority of brands.

Keys to the inbound marketing strategy

The main objective of inbound marketing is for the user to obtain value in the content found, instead of direct pressure to agree to buy the product or service.

In addition to this, the main idea is to contact the potential customer at the beginning of their purchase process, in order to guide them throughout the entire journey through content, which is known how to nurture the lead. And with the above, get the purchase process to finish.

In order to define a strategy to follow, it is essential to know who the consumer is and what their needs are. To define this, there is the concept of buyer persona . This term refers to the fictitious representation of an ideal client that is created to achieve better understanding. By knowing what their behaviors, concerns or motivations are, for example, you will be able to know what content to offer in order to connect with them and make them finally become a customer.

Another key to inbound marketing is to know at all times what phase or state of the purchasing process the potential customer is in. For this idea there is the concept of buyer’s journey , which refers to the process carried out by a consumer from when he experiences a need or discovers our product, until he becomes a customer after making the purchase. This is important because, depending on the moment you are in, you should be offered a different type of content depending on the needs that arise.


Inbound marketing cycle

Inbound marketing is based on different phases or stages, depending on the moment in which the user is:


Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing


Based on a previously defined strategy where the buyer persona is defined, the idea is to generate quality traffic to the website. The objective is to convert strangers into visitors and this is achieved through offering valuable content through social networks, content marketing, SEO techniques, etc.

2.Turn into

The next phase aims to convert these visitors into potential customers or leads . By means of more relevant or personalized content, it is intended that the user agrees to provide a series of data through a landing page specially created for this, a form, call to action, etc. The idea is to convert the visits of a website into records for a user database.

3.To close

In the third stage of the process, the objective is to convert these leads into customers. In order to close the purchase , specific content is offered to users depending on their data and the actions they are taking, always keeping in mind the principle of non-intrusion or pressure to sell. Thanks to the database created and automation techniques such as lead nurturing, or others such as lead scoring , it is possible to offer content adapted to the needs of each user in an automated way.

Finally, when users have already become customers, a loyalty process is followed with the clear objective of keeping them and getting them to buy again. Keeping them satisfied, offering them more content of value and making them feel cared for will make them fall in love with the brand and become promoters , since they will not hesitate to recommend it to other potential customers.

SEO analysis and positioning

In order to successfully develop an inbound marketing campaign, it is necessary to take into account the main factors that will determine its correct operation. It is useless to create a large amount of valuable content if no one is going to read it because of a bad web positioning. In the same way, it is useless to use inbound marketing techniques without proper control and analysis of the different data, such as through the conversion funnel.

Therefore, SEO positioning is one of the bases for this marketing strategy to start working correctly. If the content created does not appear in the first positions, it is completely useless to develop these techniques, because potential customers will access the content of other websites beforehand and will develop the purchase process on them.

In addition, inbound marketing is a process in which the benefits begin to be seen in the medium-long term and in which data analysis plays a great role in optimizing the resources and costs of the campaign. The different metrics allow you to know which campaigns work best or the possible errors of the strategy followed, so they are of great help to solve any type of error or to take advantage of its profitability.

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