A good image accompanied by a good text. How to write for Instagram

A good image accompanied by a good text. How to write for Instagram

They say that a good image does not need text and I think that makes a lot of sense, but in social networks the use of words is essential to deliver a specific message. As it is not about art but about communication, the relevance of the letters take on a fundamental role for your brand.

Today we will talk about the texts that accompany the images on Instagram, it does not matter if it is a photograph, a design or a boomerang or a video, since its contribution is the same.

Perhaps you must be thinking that there are other more appropriate channels for writing and surely you thought of Twitter or Facebook , but none of this. We will show you the importance of accompanying your images with a good copy on Instagram .

Believe it or not, Instagram also makes its difference through texts, since that is where your client or public finds out what you are offering beyond painting your publication with a little red heart.

The network seeks to generate a positive impact that can be reflected in your weekly engagement.

Follow these tips so that you apply them without a filter, sorry without fail

1. Capture attention with the image and seduce with the text

The first piece of advice is usually the most important and it certainly applies as an infallible law on Instagram.

It is true that the image you use will attract the attention of your followers, but the moment that will generate connection is when they read your footer, here is the magic.

If the user was interested, he will surely look at more posts, follow you and visit your website, otherwise he will just continue scrolling.

2. Say the most important things first.

The maximum number of characters that you can use in a publication is 2,200, although it seems enough to be able to tell what we need, many brands extend so much that they do not end up telling anything specific, so keep it short and concise.

Many times less is more, say the most important in the main text and leave the hashtags for the end.

3. Generate a call to action or call to action

The best way to increase engagement and sales is to include some kind of call to action.

Use verbs that encourage users to interact with your brand.

Phrases like:

“Press twice if you like”
Mention a friend this happened to
“Mention the first person that comes to mind”
“If you want to see more, go to www…”
“And you, how do you do it?”
These are some calls to action that cause relevance in this channel.

4. Use Hashtag, but with a defined strategy

HT should NOT be used because yes, nor because they are fashionable, nor because they are pleasant, Hashtags are advantages offered by the network to give our message a boost.

We recommend that you create one or a maximum of two of your own HT to help give your campaign a greater reach.

You can set a general branded one and you can also create new HTs with the following campaign. Another thing, do not use phrases for HT, they extend too much and people tend to forget them, here again the message of less is more fits.

5. Take them to your website

Normal posts don’t allow you to embed your website link, so it’s best to leave it embedded in your profile bio, as it does.

If you are going to do a specific activity, you can change the link and publish a post or video that mentions this new link in the caption.

There are websites specialized in shortening URLs, do it, since it will give your link a better presence if it is very long, in addition, they have statistics that help you see their traffic.

Example of a misused URL:

6. Try to be funny

No matter what type of brand you have or what sector you are in, always try from its personality, as far as you think you are allowed, use fun and humor as an entertainment capsule.

The best posts on Instagram often have a happy tone that shows the human, uncomplicated and authentic side of brands.

Personally, I use this phrase often in my profession “ we talk to people, not computers ”, I think that touch is the key.

7. Use the fun emojis

These characters are great, they can tell stories without using words.

The more than 100 different reasons that the application allows us, is a winning tool that will help us say what we need in a much more fun way, they will also help you give each photo caption a touch of personality, don’t be left behind , many of the world’s leading brands already do.

You can use emojis in a thousand different ways, here are some examples.

Well, with these tips you will surely know how to take advantage of the copy that will accompany all your publications from now on.

Do not forget to follow up on each one of them, so you will know what type of texts and accompanied by which HT or emojis they liked more than others, you should also monitor the URLs and see how high their impact is.

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