Big data for SMES: tips for a low cost implementation

Big data for SMES: tips for a low cost implementation


The data big enables small and medium businesses the ability to manage huge amounts of data. However, on many occasions, SMEs do not have enough capital to make use of this technology, which, among many other benefits, considerably reduces costs through the implementation of a more competitive strategy.

In fact, the advantages that data offers are so many that there are already more than 3.149 million users connected to big data tools in the world . And it is that, business data management will move 30,000 million euros in less than five years, more than a third of the global volume of data, in addition to presenting a growth of 30% per year.

For all this, it is essential that Spanish SMEs begin to approach the world of big data as one of the tools that will have the greatest impact on their results. But how do you overcome the economic barrier in order to benefit from data-driven analytics?

what is the big data?

The data big data is a set of massive, complex and high – speed growth, so it requires specific tools which have nothing to do with the conventional – to collect, process and analyze them . All this information collected through big data becomes knowledge for companies, making decision-making an easier, faster and more effective process.

Companies that are wondering how to apply big data in a company should know that only a qualified specialist for data analysis is capable of transforming all the data collected into business information, since it requires a complex process. For this reason, it is essential to have the help of organizations specialized in big data that process the information, and subsequently, facilitate strategic decision-making.

How can big data benefit SMEs?

Most companies turn to business big data when they identify a problem in their sales strategy, which begins to fail due to a lack of information from both the market and consumers. Thus, thanks to massive data analysis, companies are able to obtain large volumes of highly relevant information that restore meaning to their business strategy.
And, one of the benefits of big data for SMEs is that they have the possibility of managing thousands and thousands of data to get to predict the behavior of their customers, and thus, position themselves in the place and in the right time to market. As a result, companies are able to fully meet the needs of their consumers and increase sales and revenue.

However, any strategy based on big data has a quality that makes it an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized companies: personalization. SMEs, which generally have little budget to invest in data, can adapt the information to their requirements and needs, in order to reach their target audience, focus capital on really useful resources and ensure their business growth at a fast pace. higher.

Big data for SMES
Big data for SMES

Big data for SMEs: tips to implement it at low cost

Although there are resources designed so that users can make use of data tools at low cost, the truth is that their resolution is not as good as that of a professional data system. In this sense, some of the simplest and most common options on the market for data analysis are, among others, Google Analytics, Google Adwords or SEO Site Checkup.
Even so, the safest alternative to enter the world of data is to do it through the hands of a specialist so that the treatment of the data and its subsequent analysis is optimal, effective and truthful . Specifically, one of the most successful options to implement big data for small companies at low cost is in joint collaboration with a consultancy or specialist outside the organization.

This is the case, for example, of Grupo Next , specialists in the development of personalized commercial strategies with the aim that each company manages to impact on its target, but in turn, its consumers can take advantage of exclusive services launched just for them thanks to the information that big data has provided to the company. This is why the organization gets accurate knowledge and healthy margins while its customers are completely satisfied.

Big data is a great ally for small and medium-sized companies to adapt their marketing, advertising and business strategies to the real needs of the market. And so, thanks to personalization, organizations will be able to meet the needs of their consumers.


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