The connected car:5 advantages of having wifi in the car

The connected car:5 advantages of having wifi in the car


Having Wi-Fi in the car on a long road trip is a great advantage, since this system can turn the trip into a more positive experience. In fact, according to Deloitte, urban mobility is being increasingly affected by traffic and the overcrowding of cars , and precisely, a vehicle that has an Internet connection can help optimize the route and avoid traffic jams, even facilitate immediate assistance in the event of any unforeseen event.

For this reason, due to the great importance of a connected car in the mobility of the 21st century, the 5 main benefits of incorporating Wi-Fi in the car are specified below, and not only for the companions as entertainment, but for the driver as an exceptional assistant.

1. The connected car: guaranteed entertainment

Integrating Wi-Fi in the car is each a more common practice, being one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet of things or the Internet of things . In the first place, incorporating the connection in the vehicle ensures the entertainment of those who travel aboard the car, since it allows up to five people to have access to connectivity simultaneously to watch movies or series or consult social networks, among others. .

This advantage is the most favorable for those who travel as a family, since traveling can be difficult for the little ones. In this sense, cars with integrated Wi-Fi are a great success to guarantee the entertainment of children without spending the data rate, and that is, connected vehicles have an average download speed of 150 Mbps, which makes browsing the network in the car is completely comfortable and fast.

2. Security increases with Wi-Fi in the car

WIFI in  car
WIFI in car

Through the wifi in the car it is possible to incorporate a platform that automatically calls the emergency service if necessary. This system is, above all, very useful in the event of an accident, in the event of any mishap on the road or on a journey in which you are traveling alone.

n fact, new vehicles have to be equipped with an ecall system according to the European Parliament standard . This emergency button is activated automatically in the event of a direct impact, and thanks to the internet connection and GPS coordinates, the vehicle connects to the geolocation and sends the location by satellite to the emergency services. In the event that the driver has been left unconscious or immobilized after the impact, this is when this advantage reaches its maximum effectiveness, even saving his life.

3. Know the condition of the car

Another benefit of the Internet connection in the car is that it allows you to use mobile applications and devices connected to the vehicle to know the status of the car at all times. This method ensures that the user can always know the operation of the vehicle, schedule maintenance checks and receive alerts related to possible car failures.

The applications of the car with integrated Wi-Fi are endless, such as those that improve safety by connecting the vehicle with the elements of the environment. In this sense, if the car has broken down, it is easy to send the location and status to the roadside assistance provider for faster attention, since some of these devices are capable of identifying if the vehicle has a breakdown and where it is. find the fault.

4. Wifi in the car: location and navigation

Having Wi-Fi in the car helps improve travel through route planning. A navigator with GPS connected to the Internet generates the route to take before leaving, thus avoiding roads that are too long, traffic jams or blocked traffic areas.
addition, you can also locate the vehicle at any time, receive a notification when the car is in motion or go to the destinations selected as favorites in the history generated through the browser. In the latter case, waiting and traffic situations that become complicated and uncomfortable are reduced. Also, since the system remembers the last point at which it was disconnected, it can indicate the way back to the car if the driver does not remember where he is parked.

5. Saving : one of the biggest benefits

The Wi-Fi network for a car represents significant savings, not only because it is able to calculate the cheapest route before leaving, but also because some platforms are designed to encourage the driver to consume at the most convenient gas station.

This is the case of Next Smart Car , a platform that is easily integrated into all vehicles. Through this system, the user receives multiple advantages, but above all, the main one is that it has a search engine that advises the customer where to consume fuel. And by following these recommendations, it is possible to achieve savings of up to € 200 per year just by refueling at the gas stations recommended by the app.

On the other hand, the Next Smart Car application offers detailed information on the vehicle, but not only on the status of the car, but on the level of the tank, where it was last parked, the details of the routes or the consumption statistics, among others. In addition, it allows you to share your car information with other people and configure favorite areas for parking or driving.

In short, a connected car offers many advantages to users in terms of entertainment, safety, efficient navigation and savings. Therefore, if you do not know how to put Wi-Fi in your car and start enjoying all these benefits, the best option is to consult with Grupo Next , as experts in the field.


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