The Symantec CSTR 2019 Cloud Security Threat Report

The Symantec CSTR 2019 Cloud Security Threat Report

What are the real cloud security challenges facing your business and what can you do about them? read this document
For years now, the cloud has been changing the way businesses work. And now we’ve reached a point where the cloud doesn’t just help the business. Today, the cloud is the business. Simply put, it’s the way we do things.

That transformation has helped large companies. But it also brings with it a set of serious cybersecurity challenges, including a lack of visibility into corporate infrastructure, the difficulty of protecting complex and heterogeneous IT environments, and a growing number of attack surfaces.

What are the real cloud security challenges facing your business and what can you do about them? The best place for an in-depth look is Symantec ‘s 2019 Cloud Security Threat Report. And for solutions, consider Zero Trust Cloud Security from Symantec. In this blog I will refer to both.

Cloud-Related Hazards

For the Cloud Security Threat Report , Symantec surveyed 1,250 security decision makers around the world to understand the changing landscape of cloud security, the extent of “shadow” IT, and the related use and to assess the maturity of security practices as companies move to the cloud.

We found that the complexity in how the cloud is used creates serious visibility issues for the IT department. Tracking these cloud workloads is a universally recognized issue. Ninety-three percent of respondents report that they have trouble controlling all of their workloads in the cloud. And the problem will continue to grow rapidly.

Most IT and information security (SecOps) organizations underestimate the amount of cloud in use and its growth rate. According to the survey, the average organization believes that its employees are using 452 cloud applications. However, according to Symantec’s own data, the actual number of “shadow” computing applications used per organization is nearly four times as high: 1,807. The survey found that cloud application deployment increased 16 percent over past 12 months and is expected to rise 22 percent next year. Given the significant underestimation of applications in use coupled with the rapid rate of growth, organizations face an increasing challenge in securing their migration to the cloud.

And apps aren’t the only problem. The cloud makes it easy for companies to lose control of their data. 93 percent of respondents cited excessive sharing of cloud files containing sensitive and compliance-related data as a problem. Additionally, according to the survey, respondents underestimate the risks associated with compromised accounts by a factor of 8.

It also found that companies are unable to adapt their security to their growing use of the cloud. More than half of respondents (54 percent) say that their organization’s cloud security has been unable to keep pace with the expansion in the use of new cloud applications.

Due to the low maturity of cloud security in organizations, they often underestimate the scale and complexity of the attacks to which they are exposed. The survey found that distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and malware injections are the most researched cloud security incidents. And as they struggle to stop data breaches, Symantec’s own data also indicates that unauthorized access threats account for the largest share of these incidents (64 percent). That shows that security culture and behavior are having trouble keeping pace with the shift to the cloud in enterprises. In fact,

To do?

The cloud is the heart of IT and, increasingly, the foundation of cybersecurity. Understanding how cloud threat vectors are changing is critical to making the necessary updates to your security program and strategy. Symantec’s Cloud Security Threat Report offers insight into how to protect today’s and tomorrow’s digitally transformed virtual organization, so we invite you to read it here. Register for the webinar on August 13, 2019 with Eduardo Rico, Director of Presales for Symantec Mexico.


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