Take care of the environment while saving money from home with these 6 tip

Take care of the environment while saving money from home with these 6 tip

Tec expert shares some simple recommendations for you to save electricity at home and thus have extra money and less pollution

Electric power is a necessary day-to-day supply in our modern world . Would you like to know how to take care of the environment by using electricity better and even save some extra “money” ? We explain how.

Hugo Borjas, a laboratory worker at the School of Engineering and Sciences at the Tec campus San Luis Potosí and a researcher in renewable energies, explains the importance of saving energy and gives six tips to achieve it.

The expert explains that given the circumstances in which we currently live, electricity has become even more essential due to online classes and the home office .

“It is important to see what we can do to make the most of electricity and thus take care of our money, especially in these times of the pandemic,” he emphasized.

Another of the great benefits mentioned by the laboratory technician is caring for the environment . Many of our power plants work with non-renewable energy . Saving electricity in your home will help reduce pollution .

That is why we bring you 6 tips to save electricity .

1. Take advantage of natural light and LED spotlights

You have to start saving by talking about lighting in the home.

“Take care that your work area or interior of your house is as illuminated as possible by natural light, open your windows. That way you won’t have to use so many spotlights to illuminate during the day,” he stressed.

In case the house is very dark and you have to light it with spotlights, you have to look for energy -saving LED-type spotlights.

2. Pay attention to appliances

The expert says that we must always be very observant and see what electronic devices we need and can consume a lot of energy.

“The refrigerator is an appliance that we use daily, we have to constantly monitor it and listen to how it starts. Whether the engine is in good condition or not, when the engine makes too much noise something is going on and it may be consuming too much energy,” he said.

3. Waterproof your house

Another action we can do is to waterproof our house.

Ing. Borjas mentions that in times of heat or cold we will feel less temperature changes in our home and thus we will not need to use fans , heaters or air conditioners , in this way we will save electricity.

4. Use dimmers for electrical appliances

Currently, we necessarily need to have our smart screens connected , such as television or computer, etc.

“I recommend having a voltage regulator so that electronic devices do not consume as much energy. Also, if there are blackouts or electrical discharges, electronic devices will be protected, ” he added.

5. Disconnect your charger

The expert says that now with the home office and online classes we do not turn off the laptop and leave it connected all day with our charger, that must be changed.

“Check that your battery works correctly and disconnect the charger. Use your laptop until it has a low battery and then plug it in. Laptops always warn you when they have little power left and need to be plugged in.”

6. Take peak hours into account

Finally, another point that must be taken into account is the “peak hours” . The laboratory technician explains that it is where there is a greater number of people consuming electrical energy in their home, there is greater demand, and the costs and yields that they require increase.

“Normally the peak hours are at lunchtime, in the morning when everyone gets up and turns on lights and appliances, or at night.”

The teacher invites us to get closer to renewable energies.

“For those who have the possibility, I recommend solar panels at home as an alternative, this technology continues to advance, but it is a beneficial investment for your pocket and, above all, taking care of the planet,” he concluded.




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