How will technology change by 2030?

How will technology change by 2030?

Robotic devices, genetic modification, space work, driverless cars, these are some of the advances in which we will probably live in a little more than a decade, the truth is that some samples of that future are already slipping into our days.

30 years ago it is difficult to think that someone predicted what we would be experiencing today technologically, many things seem to be taken from futuristic movies of that time, although thinking about it, perhaps more than one thought so.

Just over 30 years ago, tech innovators like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates argued that in the future every home would have its own computer or that people would carry their own devices and live literally glued to a screen. This, without a doubt, at the time could have seemed crazy, but today it is nothing more than a reality and it is worth thinking about what the characters who dictate today’s technological advances think of the future.

“Disappearance” of the Internet

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, launched a somewhat risky statement, the world without the internet, but without the internet that we know now. Schmidt thinks that the network will be fully integrated into our work, in wearables, the Internet of things, there will be no borders between connected and disconnected, it will always be present without necessarily realizing that it is there.

On vacation without traveling

Our next destination may not be as far away as it is today, at least that’s what Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, thinks that virtual reality is going to revolutionize the world we live in, where even vacations can be taken from our glasses. of VR, now, this will be an add-on, it does not mean that the real vacations are going to be replaced, this will only be an add-on.

autonomous cars

This is one of the advances that paints to be a reality sooner rather than later. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla, a company that has become an innovation machine and that at the center of its vision is the development of autonomous cars, is already materializing this vision, working to bring the next automotive revolution to the whole world.

no more cash

Mobile devices and Fintech will stop cash from being used in the way we currently do. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, will ensure that future generations will not know the sound of a pile of coins in their pants pocket, thanks to the development of payment methods and monetary exchange in the cloud and its ease of use through mobile devices. .

part time jobs

In this vision, robots reappear in this future, now to change the workday of humans. Larry Page, co-founder of Google, believes that the development of “automatons” capable of filling many positions that people now hold will be such that part-time working hours will be modified. The Google executive believes that this will help prevent more massive layoffs, make the day more productive and have better reconciliation, now, he does not comment on the impact on the payroll of workers.

As you can see, our present already has what will be the first steps for everything we discuss in this article, there is no doubt that a future like the one presented will be more than possible.