Five gadgets that make your life easier at home

Five gadgets that make your life easier at home

There may be someone who loves housework, but it’s usually a hassle. Other times, although they are not burdensome, they absorb a lot of time and, therefore, they are the reason to cook less, to avoid wearing that shirt that needs an exquisite ironing… Let’s not forget that technology is on our side. Let’s take advantage of it. We’ve tracked down our favorite gadgets on the TELVA Shopper . Look at them.

he latest data from the National Institute of Statistics say that men spend 11 hours a week cooking and doing other household chores. The women, 20 . In addition to the obvious gap, the reality is that we spend a lot of time keeping the home clean, tidy and stocking the fridge to solve the whole week. To this, of course, we must add the care of the elderly and children, who logically also take an important part of each day.

It is obvious that technology is not enough for everything, but we should not disdain it. There are gadgets on the market that can save us from heavy work, such as sweeping, for example, an action that, especially in families with children, never seems to be enough. Artificial Intelligence is also in our favor, with voice assistants, always ready to answer a question, remind us of a doctor’s appointment or put on our favorite song. And we no longer need to spend our valuable time chopping all the vegetables in one stew thanks to food processors.

It is true that they require an initial investment, but you will see how worth it. Here are some proposals to make your life easier at home:


Voice assistants have revolutionized our lives. This one that we show you is the Google Home Chalk wifi speaker , with the technological giant’s built-in assistant. Ask it questions and ask it to do things for you just by saying “Ok Google…”. You can request songs, control the smart appliances you have in your home if you pair them to the device, remind you of important things on your agenda , ask for the news, stream movies to your TV through Chromecast, play music from YouTube Music, Pandora and Spotify… It’s really convenient and keep in mind that it’s compatible with over 1,000 smart home devices from over 150 different brands.

Please note that it must be connected to the mains (1.8 meter power cable included).



The Crock Pot is one of the most popular digital slow cookers on the market. It is perfect for preparing recipes such as pulled pork , cheeks, meat broth and rice pudding, among many others, but always with maximum flavor and minimum effort. Choose your favorite recipe, take 10 or 15 minutes to prepare it and take advantage of the cooking time to do other things. That’s the key, you don’t have to be aware.

You just have to put the ingredients, turn on the pot, select the cooking time and wait until it’s time to eat. It has a capacity of 4.7 liters ( five servings ), a digital timer programmable for up to 20 hours, two heat settings (high and low) and a “keep warm” function . In addition, it is oven and dishwasher safe.



Even if there are household chores that you like, we doubt that you will love sweeping. iRobot ‘s Roomba vacuum cleaners will solve the eternal problem of dirty floors, of dust that is permanently deposited on it… The suction power of the 976 model is 5 times higher than that of other models of the brand and, as it has advanced navigation, help the vacuum cleaner to move around your home.

Pick up dirt, debris and pet hair, wherever they hide, because it maps your house to navigate in neat and efficient rows. Nothing will be out of your reach. If the battery is low, he recharges himself and picks up where he left off to finish the job. It also learns your habits and makes personalized suggestions to automatically schedule those cleanings. More helpful… impossible! Plus, it’s compatible with voice assistants, so all you have to do is ask your Roomba to leave your floor in perfect magazine condition.



Sometimes, to save the time we spend on the iron, we choose fabrics that hide or put on a previously stretched garment. You know it doesn’t stay the same, that’s the reality. With an ironing center (this is the Rowenta Perfect Steam Pro ) you can remove wrinkles and odors faster and easier. It has a very powerful steam shot of 450 g/min that joins its 6.9 bar pressure . You will end up with the most stubborn wrinkles.

Thanks to its combination of temperature and steam pressure, with this iron you will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria , thus ensuring that the clothes are totally clean and avoiding allergies. Its 1.1 liter tank will allow you not to be aware of whether you run out of water, so you will have, for sure, for all your laundry.



This kitchen robot model is the Moulinex ClickChef , a very interesting ally in front of the stove. It is very intuitive and you will not have to read heavy instruction manuals. From its interface, you can control its 5 automatic programs: slow cooking, cream, dough, steam cooking and sauces. It also has a manual function, with which you can choose the speed, cooking temperature , time, etc. It allows you to cook for up to four people.

It has 32 different functions: cuts, chops, grinds, sautées, grinds , pulverizes, prepares cream, blends, reheats, whisks, mixes, cooks, stews, weighs, cooks at low temperature, stirs, kneads, steams, ferments, preserve, boil, confit, precision cook, whip, emulsify, poach, ice crush, braising, melt, sherbet, butter and turbo function. It has a built -in precision scale and the lid has a security system that locks it, so it cannot be removed while cooking. Get inspired by the 200 recipes included in the cookbook.