The Smovies film competition platform was launched by BrandMoxie in 2015, through a strategic partnership with VOX Cinemas in the UAE. Our focus is to promote positive social causes across the world, and to spread the universal values of inclusion, compassion, harmony, humanity, hope, peace and tolerance through grass roots film content created by all of us; films that are by us, for us, and about us.

It is only by sharing our unique stories and experiences that we can begin to bridge understanding, while celebrating our differences. Let us make film to create stories about our humanity and diversity.

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S-Movies is a powerful and easy-to-use solution covering all the needs of today’s film archives, and focusing on cataloguing as well as digital and physical collections management.

Several modules are featured in S-Movies for managing all kind of collections-related procedures and projects: cataloguing in compliance with various standards, inventory, movement of digital and physical assets, event programming and broadcasting, incoming and outgoing loans, security and object tracking.
S-Movies can be shared by several institutions and accessed by any authorized users.

It is also an open and interoperable system enabling data harvesting, data import and the ability to linkg data to third-party systems, websites, and mobile applications.

The smovies in a sentence

The shortlisted videos are shown on the Smovies website.
These include Tempo magazine, Tamakkan, The Dream Players, and The Smovies.
The Smovies team has selected an expert panel of judges who will choose the winners per season.
In April 2015, BrandMoxie launched The Smovies-a short film competition platform, with the strategic partnership of VOX Cinemas UAE.
In April 2015, BrandMoxie introduced The Smovies, a short film platform that runs competitions which identify talent and gives them exposure through cinema theatres.
In partnership with VOX Cinemas, BrandMoxie is also involved with The Smovies, a platform created in 2015 to help support emerging talent and rising stars.
It’s difficult to see the smovies in a sentence .

ABOUT The Smovies

The Smovies is a short film creation platform that has been launched by BrandMoxie, a leading media group in the UAE involved in marketing, publishing and events. The Smovies is intended to provide an opportunity for emerging film makers, by offering recognition and exposure through the platform. The Smovies also embraces new technologies, and promotes the film making capabilities of phones, tablets and other ever day communication terminals. The competitions roll out across three seasons: April to June, July to September and October to December. Other film competitions will focus on narrative and national themes. BrandMoxie’s CSR initiatives include Tamakkan, an entrepreneurship and innovation platform, The Dream Players, a programme that supports the performing arts, and The Planetarians, an initiative that promotes conservation and sustainability. BrandMoxie is based in twofour54 and Sila Tower on Sowwah island


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