How To Find Roku IP Address By Serial Number 

How To Find Roku IP Address By Serial Number 

Satellite TV or internet TV have become popular amongst youth for their entertainment needs. With Roku, users can access tons of streaming channels. 


Roku devices come with IP addresses. IP addresses are unique to each Roku device model and used for numerous reasons. You might need your Roku IP address to troubleshoot any network issues. 


The IP Address of your Roku device is not hard to find. The following steps will guide you on How to find the IP Address on Roku.


Until the network connection is established, the Roku will not have an IP address. The Roku receives an IP address only after being connected to the internet.


This post discusses how you can determine the IP address from a serial number.

How To Check The IP Address?

We will begin by identifying the Serial Number of the device. If you own a remote control, use it to find the Serial Number of the Streaming device. You can get the serial number in the About Tab in the Settings menu. 


If you do not have the remote, you can use the Roku app as an alternative. Using the Remoku app on your smartphone will enable you to view the IP address for your Roku device. It is a web app that works as a network remote control for streaming players. 


Navigate to the Network settings page by tapping your Roku device’s connection.

You can see your Roku Serial Number in the About tab. Note it down or memorize it if you can.


By using the Serial Number:


  • After getting the Serial Number, go to the Home Screen with the help of a remote.


  • Next, you need to navigate to the left side of the screen.


  • Navigate to the Network Settings option from the Settings menu.


  • By clicking on the About menu, you can see the Serial Number displayed on the screen. 


  • Below it, the IP address of your device will be visible.


  • Your device may be using a Public Address if you are not able to locate it.


  • You can contact Roku and ask for the IP address if this is the case.


Tips For Finding the IP Address:


Read the following tips and implement them while you are trying to find the IP address:


  • In the Roku app, you can view your Roku IP address.


  • If you do not have a remote, use the Roku app or the Web Browser Extension to connect Roku to the Wi-Fi.


  • Make sure your Smartphone and Roku are working on the same web interface.


  • You require a Web browser of your choice to set up the Roku device without an IR remote.


  • With a search for Roku in the support section, you can access the correct page to get the information about the IP address.


Still Can’t Find Roku? Here Are Some Suggestions:


  • If you use a computer or mobile device, you must manually enter the IP address of your Roku.


  • You can check the admin page of your router or modem to find your Roku IP address.


  • Until a factory reset is performed, the Roku will still attempt to connect to the old network name (SSID) and password. 


  • You can connect Roku directly to your Wi-Fi network using an Ethernet cable.


  • After getting your device connected to the correct Network you may need to restart it.


  • To use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, configure your router to use them both.


  • Ensure connecting it to the same network as the Android device.


  • A VPN might block some streaming services, so you should be using it carefully. 



As you’ve reached the end of this guide and found the Roku IP address, you can fix any troubleshooting issues you may experience. 


By following the suggestions and the tips in this article, you will be able to excerpt the IP Address for your streaming device. 


However, if you are having trouble finding the IP address on your own, reach out to the professionals. Our experts can assist you to find the IP Address without any hassle.