How To Outsmart a Romance Scammer on Dating Sites?

How To Outsmart a Romance Scammer on Dating Sites?

Romance Scam is fast becoming a trend in today’s digital age. Romance scammers have found dating websites to be breeding grounds for their scams. Dating websites are plush with potential victims of romance crimes, and all the scammers need to do is sign up on the dating website. Romance scammers are in every country, and their victims cut across all races, educational backgrounds, societal classes, and many more. Therefore, it is essential to be on guard and learn how to outsmart a romance scammer. Without much ado, learn more on how to outsmart a romance scammer.

Outsmarting a Romance Scammer 

Whether a man or a woman or anybody who uses a dating website or app is potential prey to romance scammers, below are tips to help you spot a romance scammer before you turn a prey or victim. 

  1. Quick Relationship Interest: Imagine you meet a person for just a day or two on a dating website. The person is already confessing his or her feelings to you in a bid to desperately make you his or her boyfriend or girlfriend, as the case may be. It is weird, right? Well, yes, because that is a red flag, flee away from such persons because they are most likely romance scammers. This is one way to quickly Catch a romance scammer in the act before he or she goes far with the scam. With this information, you can easily spot an online romance scammer.
  2. Convincing Profiles: Most online romance scammers update their profiles with juicy details to make them irresistible to you. Sometimes they detail their profiles to your specific wants in a partner, but if you take your time to check and verify, you will find out that you have been Cat-Fished. To Catfish simply means using fake profiles to scam people. 
  3. Romance scammers always ask for money. Pay attention to your conversation with the people you interact with on dating websites. If a particular person is always asking for money, they are an online romance scammer. 
  4. The Emergency Card: Take this scenario;  you meet a person on a dating website,  you begin to chat and hold conversations, and somehow you later on like the person, but every time you ask for a meetup, they come up with an excuse. Also, when you bring up topics of importance, the person shies away from the conversation until the topic dies down.  When you find yourself in this type of situation, have it that the other person might be a romance scammer at the back of your mind.

What Can You Do To Avoid Getting Scammed by a Romance scammer?

  • Avoid posting too much personal information online. Online romance scammers research their targets before making contact. They read your profile and use the data against you. If your profile shows that you are a Dog Lover,  an online romance scammer will pretend to be one too. Just in a bid to make them likable to you and gain your trust. 
  • Never send money to anyone on a dating website because the whole idea behind a romance scam is to get you to part away with your money. Romance scammers will tell you they are interested in a relationship with you, earn your trust, and then use different tricks to ask for money. Sometimes they even say it is an emergency and they need your help. The bottom line is; that do not send money to anyone you have not met in person.
  • Image search: A quick image search of a person you suspect to be an online scammer will confirm your doubts. Search for the person’s name on social media and search engines, and you might be surprised that the person is not who they claim to be.



The rate at which online romance scam is growing is scary. This article is tailored to equip you with the knowledge on how to outsmart a romance scammer. With this information, you can scam a romance scammer into thinking you are falling into his or her scam, have fun while at it. I hope this article was helpful. Learn more on other topics at Radaris.