About AnimeToon: In term of cartoon content, AnimeToon is what not! It has thousands of Cartoons which one can stream for free. It also provides you Cartoon series. If you are not sure what to watch then you can always go through alphabetically, or through categories.

All you need is a good working internet to stream your favorite cartoon online right away.

However, if this site is not working anymore? due to some copyright issues! or maybe the site is down temporarily but you don’t wanna wait stream your favorite cartoon, then here are some of the best alternatives to AnimeToon which you will enjoy surely.

Best Alternatives To AnimeToon


KissCartoon is a safe free online cartoon website with the new name KimCartoon, streaming videos of various genres. Online users love watching cartoons for free, with few annoying ads. We meet all the needs of children, a series of famous cartoons that can be viewed online without downloading. Watch Cartoons Online Free At KissCartoon, you can let your kids watch and download all the videos if they want from free video sources like Hydrax streams, Vidcloud, StreamSB, media. You can check “Cartoon List” every day to keep track of your favorite shows you want. We synthesize and analyze the user needs of the most popular cartoons worth watching during the day in the “Trending” section of the menu. Choose the official KissCartoon for the best experience and absolute safety.

2.Watch Cartoons Online

Totally free, Watch Cartoon Online is one of the most popular websites for watching cartoons for free. However, since it’s free and features a ton of animated content you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll have to deal with some pretty annoying pop-ups. But depending on how badly you want to watch something, it might be worth it. You’ll be able to watch Shark Tale, Super Friends, South Park, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, Avatar: the Last Airbender and so, so much more.


CartoonCrazy is many people’s preferred platform to watch cartoon and anime online. This website is devoted to cartoons and dubbed anime streaming in high quality and its content library includes up to 25000 episodes covering dozens of genres. CartoonCrazy also delivers a relatively clean and less disturbed streaming experience. Usually, you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups during the playback.

On balance, CartoonCrazy is a good platform where you can find plenty of anime and cartoon shows to binge with, whereas its imperfections of slow page loading and updates often make people hang back. Some streaming servers on CartoonCrazy are also non-responsive.

If you think CartoonCrazy doesn’t meet your demands, there are many good alternatives available for better viewing experience.


A cartoon is an inherently limitless medium. It is not bound to our world, or even our physics, and so can communicate in ways that humans in front of a camera simply can’t. Anything goes in the world of cartoons, which are shackled only by the imaginations of writers and animators. Stories can be bigger, wilder, darker, and more fanciful than anything bound by the gravity of our reality. Can you tell how much we love cartoons? We love cartoons a lot.


9cartoon is a well-known web-based platform that bagged a large quality of cartoons, relative TV shows and movies. For many years, it has been a go-to destination for many anime lovers. However, everything altered a bit in recent times. Ahead of a number of copyright issues, 9cartoon got shut in many regions leaving the cartoon fans in a state of despair. But there is a piece of good news.

Thanks to the vast world of the internet, there are still a number of platforms that can be used to watch cartoons and animes for free.
Although finding the appropriate one might be a tough task, you don’t need to worry about it either. After proper research, we’ve compiled a list of 13 best 9cartoon alternatives that are working in 2021.


Are you looking for a way to watch Cartoons And Anime Online? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about the Top 8+ Best KimCartoon Alternatives 2021 To Watch Cartoons And Anime Online.

Many KimCartoon alternatives have lots of choices when it comes to Japanese anime and Western cartoons. They allow you to search for a movie or television series by genre or status (completed or ongoing). Furthermore, you can download as many titles as you want or stream them for free without signing up.

But depending on the website you choose, you may have to create an account to enjoy more features. Some of the features include offline viewing if downloading a file to your local drive is not available or reading the latest comic.
Final Words:

As you already know that most the above given AnimeToon alternatives are good enough to provide you, your favorite cartoon for sure, however due to copyright issue some of these sites like AnimeToon can be taken down anytime, so in such case will do our best to make the list as best and as fresh as possible.


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