rearview mirror

rearview mirror

Being aware of what is happening behind the car makes for safer driving.

However, the visibility offered by a car’s rearview mirror has inherent limitations. The view is often obstructed by passengers in the rear or reduced due to nighttime conditions or bad weather, making it difficult for the driver to see the rearview.

Nissan has developed a rearview mirror with a built-in LCD monitor displaying images from a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This Intelligent Rearview Mirror allows the driver the ability to switch between the LCD monitor and the standard rearview mirror, depending on the driver’s preference.

The driver is able to see traffic conditions behind the car through the clear video imagery, as well as use the rearview mirror to check on passengers and pets in the rear. This helps make for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.
The Latest Technology in Rear View Backup Camera Safety Systems
Rearview Systems has provided its customers with the best backup safety cameras on the market since 2000. We pride ourselves on giving our customers quality products with the latest technology at affordable prices, all while offering exceptional customer service.

The rear view systems for sale in our store are completely weather-proof, reliable and shock-resistant. They’ve been tested to the highest standards to ensure they’ll last. Even better, the commercial rear view cameras and monitors are backed by a 5 year warranty.

Choose from flush mount, surface mount and side mount rear view cameras with CCD or CMOS image sensors with 120, 130 or 150 degree viewing angles.

Rear-View Camera Kits with 5 Year Warranty‎
Our commercial-grade camera system is best suited for trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, farm equipment, cargo vans, trailers, forklifts, boats, RVs or any other large vehicles.

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Instructions for How to Replace the Rear View Mirror on a Silverado

Step 1

Locate the Torx-head screw at the base of the windshield mounted rear view mirror, directly where it contacts the windshield. Remove this screw using the Torx-head screwdriver.

Step 2

Lift the old mirror off of the windshield by pulling it up along the windshield towards the headliner.

Slide the replacement mirror onto the windshield mount in the reverse method you used in Step 2. If necessary, transfer the screw from the old mirror onto the replacement model. Then tighten the screw in place against the mount using the Torx-head driver.

Remove Old Mirror

Step 1

Open the side door to the Chrysler Town & Country, and find the screw that holds the side mirror molding in place.

Step 2

Take the screw out and remove the molding panel that attached around the outside of the power mirror.

Step 3

Remove the bolts connecting the mirror to the door assembly. If equipped, unplug the power side view mirror wiring harness connector.

Unplug the electric connectors, and pull the mirror out of the molding.

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Why an adaptive rearview mirror in times of autonomous driving?

Many new technologies fall into the infotainment area. However, tomorrow’s automated vehicle also contains highly sensitive driving functions that could not be more different. “We’re not moving into the autonomous age overnight, after all, we’re just handing over control to the machine step by step. But this also means that we will have to let the machine give control back to us for a long time to follow,” says Sebastian Miglietta from Cognizant Mobility’s UX/UI team. The human-machine interface is therefore of crucial importance, particularly for such automated driving functions.



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