Two best mobile tracker app compatible for parents

Two best mobile tracker app compatible for parents

 Do you want to safeguard your family when you are away from home? Parents are worried these days to protect kids from stranger danger and sex offenders. They want to know about the location history of the kids and want to get their hands on the best mobile tracker app to keep an eye on kids 24/7. Today, we discuss the two best tracking apps for cell phones that every parent should know.

Say thanks to the technology that has brought typical phone tracking apps for parents no time ever before. We discuss the two best tools on the web that has got parent’s attention and trust. Let’s discuss and analyze both of them on installation, features, price, and many more.

What is phone tracker software? 

It is an application or a piece of software that works on cellphone devices secretly without permission. It empowers you to record live phone calls incoming and outgoing, and read text messages and chat conversations without root but with jailbreak. 

Mobile tracker apps for parents you need to know

Here is the following cell phone tracking applications that every parent should know to protect kids from online dangers. 


TheOneSpy is one of the best mobile tracker apps in the business these days. It has many features that parents can use on any cell phone device to get insight into the activities. It can snoop on any phone without them knowing and gather information in a secretive way. The application is hidden and works on rooted and non-rooted phones. It has dozens of features that you can activate on the target device using an online dashboard. It has easy to configure and lets you send remote commands on the target device and get results within no time.

Top 10 Features of TheOneSpy Mobile tracking software 

Here is the following feature that you can use and activate on the target device to know what your kids are doing on digital phones. 

  • Social media spy 
  • Screenshots 
  • Screen recorder 
  • Keystrokes logging 
  • GPS location tracking 
  • Browsing History 
  • Crack passwords 
  • Filter websites 
  • View installed apps 
  • Live surround listening 


These are the best features of The One Spy mobile tracker app that you can use on kid’s cell phone devices to get the job done.

Price & plans 

You can buy monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. You can buy a subscription plan for $6.25 per month TOS Xlite addition. 

How The One Spy Mobile phone tracker works? 

You can subscribe to TheOneSpy by visiting the official webpage and get credentials. Moreover, get physical access to the target device, and start the process of installation. You have to configure the cell phone tracker on a target device and access the dashboard to activate features to track the cellphone device.


It is the second-best cell phone tracker app for parents. You can set parental control on kid’s phones at any point in time to provide secure digital space. It has plenty of tools developed to set parental control on kid’s phones. OgyMogy is typical parental control software and also works as the best mobile tracker on android phones. It has powerful features that you can activate via its dashboard once you have configured the application on the target device. You can spy on social messaging apps and watch live on the target phone screen. You can protect teens from sexting via text messages and videos.  

Top 10 Features of Mobile tracker powered by OgyMogy

Here are the following features you need to know that empowers you to monitor and track you kids online. 

  • Screen recorder 
  • Surround recorder 
  • Screenshots 
  • Key logger 
  • SMS logs 
  • Geo-location 
  • Internet History 
  • MIC Bug 
  • Recorded calls 
  • Installed apps 

You will get these features to perform parental monitoring on kid’s android phones to the fullest. Every tool is well-built and easy to activate on the target device. You will get time-to-time results and send them to the dashboard. 

Price & Packages

You can buy basic, standard, and Extreme packages for $29, 90$, and $69. You should subscribe to this cheap but effective mobile tracking application on your kid’s phone.

How does a cell phone tracker work? 

Go to the webpage of Ogy MOgy Mobile tracker, and subscribe to cell phone parental control software. Further, you can get credentials and physical access to the target device and configure the application successfully. You need credentials to access the web control panel and activate powerful tools and get instant results.  


TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are the two giants of Mobile tracker solutions. Parents can use these tools to monitor and safeguard children from online dangers. 



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