7 Aesthetic Factors- How Fabric Packaging Enhancing Its Great Ecommerce Business

7 Aesthetic Factors- How Fabric Packaging Enhancing Its Great Ecommerce Business


In the past few years, many ecommerce businesses have been trying to find new ways of improving their business. Fabric is one company that has found a way to do this by focusing on its packaging and how it can enhance its great Ecommerce business. 

Customers and possible customers should have a good experience with what they buy. They will want to come back if they had a good experience. People will be happy with you if the transaction is good. They want their custom retail box to come on time, and they want it to work well.

In order to take advantage of great ecommerce business, you must implement these three steps into your ecommerce business. If your goal is to improve your customer satisfaction then this is definitely one of the most process to follow.

Fabric’s first step

To create an environmentally friendly package for shoppers. The packages are made from recycled paper-based materials and look like they were handcrafted with care, which creates a sense of trustworthiness in the customer. This approach has not only helped them stand out among other brands but also increased sales because customers feel more confident about their purchases. 

The second step 

To focus on the shopping bag, which often says a lot about the company. Fabric not only made sure that their bags were sturdy and reusable but also made them look like fabric instead of paper. This makes customers feel like they are not using something disposable and causes them to think about buying another product from this retailer in the future.

People are so conscious about their fabric packaging and how it reflects on them that companies like Fabric and others have taken an extra step to ensure quality. The company offers a lifetime guarantee for its shopping bags and totes.

Fabric’s third step 

To focus on their shipping package, which causes them to stand out from their competitors. Instead of just using a box, they use stylish tubes with stripes and pops of color. Since the customer already received the bag and is excited about it. This means that consumers now focus on their packaging and becomes a part of their experience from the company. This means that the business will have repeat customers, unlike companies that just use boxes and standard shipping materials.

If you want to make sure your customer’s first impression of the product is a good one, let’s take a look at these situations.

 1. Reduce the risk of damage

A better way to package clothes for the shipping process would be reducing damage. Some tips on how to do this is to put clothes in boxes with crumpled paper or place them inside bubble wrap tubes. This is more cost-effective than using plastic bags because they last longer and do not tip over easily in shipping carts. Bags, however it uses to ship smaller items such as socks and underwear. It’s recommended to opt for a box wherever possible, thus reducing the risk of damage.

2. Enhance the aesthetic beauty and appeal

  An aesthetically pleasing package makes a great first impression and will serve as an advertisement for your business. While cardboard boxes are the standard for shipping items, you can make your brand pop by using designer packaging. Branded bags with a company logo printed on it are perfect for placing garments during shipment. Sometimes, companies will provide free promotional products for customers who buy in bulk. Items that work well include tote bags and other reusable containers that clients will be able to take home and store.

Packaging materials that add value to the product are a great way to make your products stand out from the competition. Whether it’s a business-to-business transaction or a consumer purchase, buyers will appreciate companies that show they care about their items.

3. Protect against dirt and dust accumulation

The best way to keep your clothes clean is by using a bag that is made for them. You can buy these bags at any store. They will help you protect your clothes from getting dirty. Dirty clothes can cause stains that look bad and make the clothes not fit right anymore. Clothes that are in a bag will look better and you’ll be more likely to wear them.

Even if your items have been wrapped in plastic, they can still pick up the smell of strong scents such as cologne, perfume or even scented candles.

4. Prevent scratches and other surface damages

Clothes packaging are designed to help protect your clothing from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. The shirt is made of high-quality materials. This prevents surface damage that may happen when you wear a shirt with sharp metal threads on the inside.

Wearing clothes that are nicely packaged shows your customers that you care about their satisfaction, which will make them want to shop at your store again. Keep the clothes clean and dry using a protective case, whether polyethylene bag or hard box.

5. Increase shelf life by making it more difficult to tear or cut through the fabric

You can extend the shelf life of your product by making it difficult to tear or cut through fabric. For example, cotton is more durable when twisted together with knots before sewing. This adds structure so that if one thread should break due to its durability in other areas like abrasion resistance then there will still be other threads holding up and not giving way too easily.

The better the quality of the material, the better it will be able to withstand abrasion and chemicals so that it can last long. A great example of this is cotton which is very strong but also breathable.


In recent years, many internet retailers have been trying to find new ways to grow their companies. A fabric company saw a way to do this by focusing on its packaging and how it might make its Ecommerce business better. We have also seen some great increases in our custom box solutions online store sales because of our use of environmentally friendly materials and packaging that are more visually appealing.


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