Security systems: components, costs and data

Security systems: components, costs and data
They can be easily installed in existing homes using wireless devices. They cannot share pipes with other services.

A home security system is designed from the outside with perimeter intrusion detection equipment (sensors and cameras), and is completed with devices inside the house. All connected to a central alarm.

The basic systems with remote monitoring cost about 8,000 pesos, plus a subscription of 200/300 pesos per month. While the installation of an intrusion system with perimeter and internal sensors starts at 20 thousand pesos. These budgets vary according to the perimeter extension to be covered, the number of internal sensors and the zoning of the alarm panel, which is divided into sectors taking into account the number of rooms).

These systems can be installed without problems in existing homes using wireless devices: their higher cost compared to wired devices is offset by savings in installation. However, it is convenient to take some precautions such as the location of the alarm center, the grounding and the power supply through its own thermal key, according to the engineer Enrique Greenberg, president of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Security ( Casell). “This type of installation cannot share pipes from other services because it exposes the system to radio frequency interference, overloads and electrical spikes”, details the advisor.

The basic components of the security system are:

– Perimeter and access lighting

The facade and access must be illuminated. Motion-activated sensor devices can be installed to save energy.

– Monitoring system for the detection of intruders

The devices identify when a person enters the property. These are motion sensors (infrared, microwave, combined) that detect the movement of the human body; perimeter detection (infrared barriers, microphone cables, microwaves) that allow an invisible fence to be created around the perimeter of the house; opening sensors (magnetic) for doors, windows and gates to detect their opening, and glass breakage sensors.

Para la protección perimetral también se puede instalar un cerco energizado que se denomina de “protección activa” y cumple la función de repeler al intruso. Daniel Banda, vicepresidente de CASEL, aclara que esta solución controvertida no está expresamente prohibida y que no daña a las personas ni animales. “Los equipos están diseñados para emitir una descarga por segundo lo que evita ‘quedar pegado’. El sistema es menos dañino que la colocación de vidrio partido o alambre de púas circular sobre el muro”, explica Banda, que recomienda verificar que el equipo posea la identificación de seguridad eléctrica emitido por el INTI.

“In recent times, security cameras have undergone a remarkable evolution: from those first models of monochrome image and a certain slowness, cameras currently transmit in real time and in full color. Even in adverse conditions, there are technologies with excellent definition in night images and foggy or rainy environments”, explains Cristian Giugliano, commercial manager of Conectia. The specialist provides several tips for the camera system to be effective:


The cameras for residential use are used for general monitoring of the space and the correct thing is to locate the camera between 3 and 4 meters high. While in a corporate building they should be located at a lower height because the entrance of people is greater and it is necessary to see more in detail.


It is also important to avoid backlighting and minimize reflections when placing a camera outdoors. It is advisable to add light sources both indoors and outdoors to favor the necessary conditions to capture images with clarity. Outdoors, it should also be noted that sunlight varies throughout the day, and the light should not be directed towards the camera as it can affect the image sensor. Ideally, position the camera in such a way that the sun is shining from behind. Backlighting in an interior is avoided with curtains or front lighting.


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