Benefits of medical management in the cloud

Benefits of medical management in the cloud

If you have been interested in this article on medical management in the cloud, it is very possible that you already use medical software to manage your medical center.

You already know the importance of digitizing all the documentation that is generated every day in your clinic. And not only that, at this point you cannot do without functions such as managing appointments and medical agendas, or the financial control functions included in your software.

Now, imagine these situations:

  • The servers where your clinic information is hosted stop working due to a power outage or some even more serious problem. 
  • You are away and need to access the file of a patient who calls you to help him with a medical emergency.
  • You are relocating to a new practice or expanding your business with a new practice or clinic.
  • You are at a medical congress for a week and you have patients who need medical follow-up or medical consultations.
  • Your software vendor has made updates that require computers with more processing power and storage than the computer you installed your software on a few years ago.

All these situations are very easy to solve if you use medical software in the cloud. 

If this is not the case and all the infrastructure that supports your management software is in your facilities, these situations will become a headache: Loss of information, extension of licenses and purchase of new equipment, loss of patients, lack of information before emergencies…


What is cloud medical management?

Fortunately, technological advances being applied to medical center management and patient care can prevent many of these problems.

When we talk about “ cloud ” we are referring to high-performance equipment that is hosted by your service provider in secure facilities . 

This service provider, in this case your provider of medical management software in the cloud, will be responsible for having the necessary backup copies so that you never lose your data, in addition to updating or expanding the process equipment and those that store the information whenever necessary.

Advantages of cloud management for medical centers

Reduce IT costs

The administration, maintenance and updates of equipment and software is carried out by your provider. 

You and your team will only need a device connected to the internet to access the medical management software in the cloud.

Security and data protection

The data of your medical center is stored safely and protected from computer attacks. This peace of mind will not entail an additional cost for your business in information replication, antivirus or maintenance energy costs.

Business scalability

Expanding the number of people connected to the management software, or opening new health centers is simple, immediate and requires a very low investment. 


Access to information is guaranteed from any computer connected to the Internet. This has many advantages: 

  • Attend to patients in video call even if you are not in the medical center.
  • Connect the information of two medical centers.
  • Access to information from anywhere in the clinic through a tablet.
  • Telecommuting 

At igaleno we perform data migration from your current software to our centralized medical management solution in the cloud. Request more information from one of our experts.


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