What is SD-WAN? Operations and benefits

What is SD-WAN? Operations and benefits

One of the trends in technological services for this 2022 has focused on the support of SD-WAN solutions and its benefits for companies.

Companies want to optimize the use of their computer networks to more efficiently manage what is transmitted through them.

The desire to prevent data loss and cyber-attacks, as well as provide service availability for critical processes are crucial business needs.

Therefore, according to the latest Gartner report published in ComputerWorld , it indicates that:

“Global spending on SD-WAN services will grow by 2.6% year-on-year until 2025”

The increase in the use of 5G technology, added to the exponential multiplication of devices with wireless IoT capability both in homes and in companies, has boosted the industry’s confidence in Edge WAN solutions .

Where you want to efficiently manage the use of the infrastructure in a scalable way without negatively impacting costs or physical dimensions.

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But how does SD-WAN contribute to the SASE Secure Access Service Edge ) architecture to achieve the scalability that the service requires ?

For this, we will explain this service and its potential in your company in the short term as simply as possible.

  • What is SD-WAN?
  • How does SD-WAN work?
    • 1. Network connection.
    • 2. The route is established.
    • 3. Routing
  • Benefits of an SD-WAN solution
    • Raise the bar on business agility
    • cost savings
    • Improve SaaS performance
    • Comprehensive security without compromising performance
  • Conclusions

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a service provided through routers that have technologically updated features.

This service is responsible for receiving and distributing the signal links through its various channels and pathways to safely optimize communication in the company’s extended network.

This type of technology allows managing multiple types of connections from MPLS , broadband to LTE .

The entire management protocol is established through software , where network traffic is given priority and order .

In this way, an application that is only used to create a document or mail can be redirected and speed up a customer’s online billing process or a banking operation.

How does SD-WAN work?

For Fortinet , this service transforms the potential of the enterprise by optimizing the WAN , including cloud connectivity , to deliver better application management performance .

And this process is achieved under the application of the following steps:

1. Network connection.

When the user connects to the network, his signal is managed through the router under an SD-WAN solution via software, which allows him to transparently use any application wherever he is from the data center and to the cloud.

2. The route is established.

Management software determines the smartest way to deliver services based on the specific application being used.

3. Routing

All the operations that the user carries out with this application are handled under data traffic control within the WAN to guarantee security, availability and service continuity .

In this way, if more bandwidth is required for an operation, they are routed through the device and service that guarantees their availability, and other non-critical traffic will be directed to other channels with less capacity.

In this way, the SD-WAN service supports the proper functioning of the SASE architecture , which essentially seeks to reduce the use of connected physical devices, managing connectivity protocols to the network and the cloud.


Benefits of an SD-WAN solution 

In this case, a contrast must be made with the MPLS solutions to find out the improvements in the management of communications in the network.

While a traditional WAN architecture only has the ability to route your applications through MPLS SD-WAN can select the most optimal and secure path based on its functionality .

Hence, we can talk about the following benefits for your company in a totally necessary process of innovation and digital transformation.

Raise the bar on business agility

  • The connectivity between the company’s headquarters will increase efficiently , leaving aside the complexity of the operations in this task.
  • You will be able to easily integrate remote work stations under the same security protocols and with optimized management of your processes.
  • SD-WAN will allow you to more closely monitor communications and information flow both in person and remotely.
  • Monitoring of connected devices using specialized software.
  • Implement SASE policies in a more consistent way , establishing the secure perimeters of the network.

cost savings 

  • By redirecting traffic across the network efficiently, bandwidth optimization is achieved . In this way the company can sincerely use or contract additional services .
  • Traffic centralization requires less face-to-face advice and supervision , which can redirect staff to other technological functions of value to the business.
  • The use of SD-WAN allows a stricter control of navigation on suspicious sites or activities not appropriate for the company , which will help the efficient consumption of resources.


Improve SaaS performance

  • The current trend is SaaS in saving Capex for the company because it allows executives the portability of their connections from anywhere .
  • The SD-WAN Solution allows balancing network traffic and access to information in the cloud up to 33 times faster than in conventional networks.
  • The scalability of the infrastructure as a solution to business growth is focused on the cloud service and the applications are managed in a controlled manner, as well as the connection paths through the network.

Comprehensive security without compromising performance

  • Our SD-WAN Solution supports different security architectures and the transition from one to another.
  • High level of security in your work network without harming productivity and maintaining extremely low latency rates.



The process of digital transformation of companies is an advance that will not stop regardless of the size of the business.

It will affect all companies, and hence the need to adapt in time with solutions such as SD-WAN that make the most of the network infrastructure (wiring, WIFI, cloud services, etc.).

In business, whoever gets to the customer first will still win, and if you have a smartly managed network, you know you’ll be ahead of your competition .

In addition, you will have control of what circulates through the company network , being able to block or efficiently manage data traffic.