Is live transcription possible in real time?

Is live transcription possible in real time?

In the past, live transcription in real time was not possible, as it would have seemed like an imaginary invention.

But in recent years, with the help of technology, various software has been developed that allows real-time transcription and also provides a high level of accuracy.

The software allows for text transcription and other automated transcriptions.

A live transcript in real time has many benefits. For example, today conference calls can be made more complete and accessible to everyone.

If you’re having trouble making your live transcription possible in real time, here are a few ways you can do it.

In this article, we’ll help you find ways to make real-time live transcription possible.


Use Verbit services

Verbit Live Transcripts are designed primarily for your industry, especially if you want to live transcribe your Zoom calls. They provide the best services that support an inclusive culture of people with disabilities and also offer live videos, courses, training and meetings accessible to all.

The most exciting thing about their zoom features is that they offer a real-time word-for-word transcript that is accurately delivered to a live audience.

Verbit is also easy to use. You can easily schedule closed captions and automatically deliver them in real time. In addition, they offer real-time professional subtitles for zooming on all web conferencing and online streaming platforms. Here, you can use real-time subtitles, live zoom subtitles, and real-time audio transcripts.

Get a professional transcriptionist

In years past, hiring a good transcriptionist has been the best way to get your transcripts done in real time. Today professional transcriptionists are still very important if you want to have live transcriptions in real time. It’s up to you to find the best transcriptionist for the job.

Remember that professional transcription services vary in quality and reliability. For example, a thirty-minute speech is likely to be more accurately transcribed than a five-hour speech. This is why you need to check some essential qualities of your transcriber like alertness and speed. You also need to get a transcriber with the necessary equipment to share live captions.

Buy the necessary hardware solution

The only way live transcriptions can be done in real time is if you have a hardware solution. The hardware device will help capture live audio, convert the audio to text, and share the captions with your guests in real time.

The beauty of buying a quality hardware solution is that it automatically connects to a local audio source to provide real-time transcriptions. What should you consider when buying a hardware solution? Make sure the hardware device has additional features, such as supporting transcriptions in different languages ​​and features that enable visibility on connected monitors.

Have a cloud-based transcription solution

The thing is, most services like Google Speech-to-Text and Amazon Transcribe use pretty similar technology to convert speech to text. This means that automatic transcription services use a digital audio signal. The signals are used to find a match in an existing database of sounds. When a match is found, the result is returned as a text.

This type of process uses a lot of computing. That’s why it’s critical to use a cloud-based transcription solution that delivers faster results. A nice advantage of using a cloud-based transcription solution is that unlike humans who need breaks after reasonable computing time, most cloud-based services don’t need breaks. They are also automatic, which means they don’t always have someone to operate them.

Find a suitable app

Live transcripts can also be done through the use of a telephone. You can easily download a phone-based speech recognition app and use it to transcribe. The use of phones in transcription has many effective users.

The problem arises when your phone has limited storage and slow processing power. Most people will recommend that you use a phone only if you have a small audience and your event will take no more than thirty minutes. This is to avoid distractions that could interrupt your event, such as phone calls.


Thanks to technological advances, live transcripts are now possible in real time. This article has given you some quality information that you can use when you want to have live transcripts in real time.