Benefits of using IoT in construction maintenance

Benefits of using IoT in construction maintenance


1 What is IoT or Internet Of Things
2 Application of IoT in maintenance.
3 Advantages of using IoT in the construction sector

What is IoT or Internet Of Things

According to Deloitte , IoT or Internet of Things is the grouping and interconnection of devices and objects through a network (be it private or the Internet, the network of networks), where all of them could be visible and interact .

The technology associated with the IoT allows data to be collected and sent to the network for analysis or even to carry out a preliminary analysis and then send it to the network. It is a trend that is currently present in various sectors and that has more and more applications.

IoT application in maintenance.

First of all, IoT technology can be applied at different stages of the construction process. We can use IoT to carry out design tasks in an integrated way, but especially in the maintenance phase.

For example, through the use of connected sensors in construction we will have updated information in real time. This type of technology is especially useful in structures such as bridges and tunnels. Instead, one of the more specific applications could be locating workers, materials or equipment, thus gaining more security.
IoT technology allows environmental conditions to be monitored to protect materials during the construction period. For this reason, we see that the IoT also has an application in buildings during their maintenance phase.

So much so that it can be used to report on its performance and the status of its materials. In summary, the IoT has a lot to contribute in the predictive maintenance of buildings. All this thanks to the use of sensors and other devices provides information about the building.

Advantages of using IoT in the construction sector

In addition to having benefits in the maintenance phase, the IoT brings a series of advantages in construction projects. This technology provides a degree of energy efficiency, thus favoring sustainability.

Another advantage of applying this technology is a reduction in repair costs and maintenance costs. In addition to extending the useful life of the infrastructure, improving its sustainability and safety.

Finally, it is important to highlight the importance of using technological advances in the construction sector. All these technologies, such as the application of IoT, will make our projects more efficient, sustainable and safe. Even more modern. Currently the challenge for professionals in the construction sector is based on good training to be able to adapt to these new trends.

Through the correct use of the BIM methodology and the application of all these new technologies, architects and engineers will be able to carry out all projects productively and with an orientation towards the future, since being up-to-date on trends will make the professional profile have a value added.