most outstanding features of Blockchain

most outstanding features of Blockchain

Traceability, Transparency and Security: three keys that distinguish this technology that is generating more and more followers.

Called by some experts as the technology of trust , one of the great virtues that stands out in a Blockchain network is its ability to track and trade anything of value, thus reducing risks and costs for all parties involved.

It can be defined as a large “shared and immutable” ledger that, in a business network, facilitates the process of registering transactions and tracking assets. In turn, the latter can be tangible (a house, car, cash or land) or intangible (patents, trademarks, car rights, intellectual property).

For this reason, Blockchain is gaining more and more prominence and its adoption is spreading to different sectors. Here are some characteristics of this technology and specific examples of how its implementation can help a company meet its objectives:

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Blockchain Transparency:

All network users can see all the information in the system of records. It is readily available. In fact, any member can consult the transactions carried out, verify them or verify their origin. That is why it is said that his system is superior. Also, if you want to protect certain sensitive information, Blockchain could offer level access and authentication processes.


Companies can track information in a simpler way, since each block in the chain stores information and is linked to each other. Also, through the Blockchain, the history can be processed permanently. All this, as a whole, helps companies to make an exact and complete follow-up of any transaction they carry out, accessing information in real time.

Trust and Security

Through its transparency and traceability, greater confidence and security  is generated . The exchange of data occurs through encrypted and encrypted operations. This guarantees the security of all those involved in the transaction, protecting the information exchanges one hundred percent. On the other hand, the fact that the information is decentralized guarantees its immutability. The control is in the hands of the users.

ESG: what it is and why it influences the economy, finance and the agri-food world

For the agri-food world and for the food system, it is increasingly important to pay attention to ESG criteria: Environmental Social Governance. The transformation of agri-food systems inspired by criteria of maximum attention to environmental and social impact and ethical management of companies and behaviors also represents a great opportunity for development.