10 advantages of having a hotel PMS

10 advantages of having a hotel PMS

Technology in the management of accommodation is a key aspect to improve the guest experience, that is why at Mini Hotel we tell you 10 advantages of having a state-of-the-art hotel PMS.
The experience of each traveler can be improved along with the acquisition of new technologies for the administration of the accommodations. Every guest in the world begins his journey the moment he begins with the search for accommodation, the preparation of luggage and the reservation in the place where he is going to stay. For this reason, the happiness and satisfaction of a client lies in the first interactions with the hotel and its staff, whether via the web, through social networks or through any channel. Then, the experience will be completed with the perception of the room and the use of the different services. All these factors are very important when receiving a guest.

In this sense, the solutions and functions of the hotel PMS make that the team of each accommodation can offer the best experience to its guests, and at the same time manage the business efficiently. Thus, hoteliers are able to provide a personalized experience easily, without neglecting the administrative aspects of the accommodation.

10 advantages of having a hotel PMS in the cloud

The latest technological advances allowed the development of hotel systems that are uploaded in the cloud and can be used from any mobile device. In fact, our PMS Mini Hotel also has a mobile application to manage your property from anywhere in the world. This brings many benefits to hotel staff.

1.Greater predisposition to innovation and integration of new functions

With a cloud hotel PMS, establishments can implement new online functionality much faster. In addition, the systems have constant updates that imply improvements.

2.More intuitive systems for users

Hotels can reduce investment in software and hardware capital. This solution allows to reduce costs and complexity in the management of the systems. Thus, any employee or future user will be able to use the PMS easily.

3.Boost revenue and offer higher RevPAR and ADR

With a cloud PMS, a host can effectively manage rates and allocate rooms across multiple distribution channels. This maximizes occupancy, rates, and revenue. Thus, it increases the ADR (Average Daily Rate) or average daily rate and the RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) or income per available room.

4.Help customer loyalty

Hotels can obtain a customer database with complete profiles of each guest. This allows them to personalize and differentiate their customer experiences.

5.Optimization of human resources and coordination of all operations of the establishment

PMS in the cloud are software specially designed to automate the main daily operations of a hotel. In this way, everyday team tasks can be simplified and the guest experience improved.

6.Hoteliers will be able to manage their accommodation from anywhere

PMS in the cloud allow access from any device, place and time. You only need a basic internet connection. This saves time in the installation of equipment and, in turn, multiplies the presence of the brand online, due to its perfect integration into the digital world.

7.Eliminate any margin for error

Hotel PMS are specially designed to automate processes with artificial intelligence. In these systems everything is automated and is connected under the same database. Therefore, thanks to hotel management systems in the cloud, all kinds of errors are eliminated, the risk of overbooking and other problems is avoided.

8.Integration of features and constant updates

Hotel management becomes much easier, since it is possible to update functions and integrate state-of-the-art services to improve the guest experience and optimize the resources of your hotel.

9.Clean, neat and transparent administration

Hotel PMS enable financial reporting and property accounting management. This allows defining clear objectives and guaranteeing progress in the economic performance of the business.

10.Enhance the guest experience

Quick, efficient and organized management inevitably improves the guest experience. Thus, your hotel or accommodation can grow every day.

A hotel PMS empowers hotel staff and frees them from basic front desk duties. In addition, it allows them to offer exceptional service. Currently, hotels need a PMS to be able to position themselves in the market, as it is one of the key tools to create a more individualized experience for


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