Seven types of abstract logos that can bring your brand to life

Seven types of abstract logos that can bring your brand to life

You need a logo that sparks a conversation about your business brand.

The question is: How do you create that perfect logo? Although there are many types of logos, there is one that small business owners often overlook: the abstract logo.

An abstract logo is a symbol or image that is not necessarily recognizable, but rather a complex geometric shape that represents your company conceptually.

More importantly, abstract logos can infuse layers of meaning into an image, turning yours into a memorable logo that creates conversation.

In fact, at Tailor Brands, we believe in the power of abstract logos so much that we’ve created one for ourselves.

Next, we will look at the different types of abstract logos and how they really bring to life the company they represent. But first:

What is an abstract logo?

An abstract logo is a conceptual image that invites reflection and that makes the viewer feel strong emotions and connections with it.

This type of logo is a unique image that is designed to express something specific about your company.

What makes an abstract logo even more attractive to business owners is its versatility. From symmetrical patterns to line art, there are different types of abstract logos, so you can choose the one that best suits your signature.

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but in reality, many of the logos you see every day are abstract.

We have collected different types of abstract logos in different industries to show you how they might work for your own company.

Tips for designing abstract logos

Before we begin, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing your abstract logo.

Decide on an icon

As its name suggests, an abstract icon conveys multiple concepts and various emotions in a single symbol. It is the central focal point of your abstract logo. The icon you use there will represent all the different aspects of your business, such as the products you offer, your personality, and your values.

Choose colors that reflect your brand message

Most people don’t realize how much the right color palette can help add depth and dimension to your logo. There’s a whole psychology behind colors, and it’s an important consideration when starting to build a brand identity.

The colors used in abstract logos can shape your clients’ perception in an otherwise ambiguous way. The right color scheme can add even more depth and dimension to your abstract logo, and should be a key consideration to take into account when designing yours.

Select the font that complements your icon

The typeface you choose will depend on the complexity or simplicity of your logo. Ultimately, you want a typeface that balances the logo. An intricate symbol pairs well with a minimal font, while a simple logo looks great alongside a more complex font.

Experiment with the layout

A few variations on the abstract logo are worth thinking about depending on where you plan to use it. You may want to use the icon only in a small-scale application, such as a watermark or social media profile picture. But for a letterhead and your website, you might want to use the icon and text variation of your logo.

Different kinds of abstract logos

Now that you know what goes into creating an abstract logo, let’s take a look at the different types of abstract designs that you can use to effectively represent your business.

Symmetric abstract logo

Think of symmetry as its older and wiser cousin. He is the one who keeps him focused when he feels like being rebellious and the one who calms him down when he feels too excited.

Symmetrical logos are a mirror image of the middle of the design, so both sides are identical.

While some abstract logos tend to push the boundaries of the design, symmetry bases the logo on patterns that are recognizable to the human eye.

A symmetrical abstract logo is ideal for a florist or a health and wellness center, a business focused on nature. Leafclub is a great example of this approach, as you can see below, with the symmetrical patterns that make up the shape of a flower.

Mountain Flame does this well too, taking the concept of fire and expanding the creative idea of ​​the design while remaining true to the outdoor activities brand.

But a symmetrical abstract logo doesn’t have to be reserved only for more holistic and natural purposes. Big brands like Airbnb and NBC also use symmetrical abstract logos. Airbnb has an interesting design that consists of 3 symbols: a location icon, an upside-down heart, and an outstretched person’s hand.



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