Top 10 Drawing & Illustration Software in 2022

Top 10 Drawing & Illustration Software in 2022

The best drawing and illustration software will be discussed in this post. Do you remember how you used to use those crayons to draw pictures of your family or landscapes? Then display it to your parents and friends so they can proudly display their achievement! That was in the past. But, thanks to technological advances, we can now draw and express our feelings in new ways. From a notepad and crayons to an iPad and a plethora of virtual tools, we’ve come a long way. Using the best drawing software, you can now show all your creativity on your electronic devices.


Importance of art and illustration software

Art and culture have always been an important element of our culture, dating back to prehistoric times. In fact, some countries in the world depend entirely on historical art to strengthen their economies through tourism. It is a way to communicate your emotions, thoughts and creativity on a single sheet of paper. However, with the advancement of technology, the way art and culture are presented has changed. However, artistic inventiveness and masterpieces are still in demand and may never go out of style.

However, over time, art has become a business. People demand more and more masterpieces in a short time. Printing the brain’s creativity onto paper, on the other hand, takes time and patience. As a result, the demand for the best illustration software is growing and has now become a requirement for artists. This software provides incredible tools and capabilities that make editing and drawing easy, as well as refine concepts.

Top 10 Drawing & Illustration Software in 2022

Here are the top 10 drawing and illustration software.

In this article, we will talk about the best drawing and illustration software for professional artists and designers.


For decades, artists and designers around the world have trusted and used the brand. Photoshop has earned a reputation for being the most creative software out there, with a variety of cloud-based capabilities that make editing and drawing simple and easy. When it comes to Photoshop, the name is the only thing that matters, and that is why they have controlled the market like a pro.

You can use this software to create websites, logos, icons, and banners, as well as express your creativity. One of the best tools for beginners to learn editing using interactive templates and time-saving features. With Photoshop Creative Cloud, you can bring your imagination to life in a more sophisticated and effective way. The software can be accessed by monthly and yearly subscription. See Also Best Webinar Software



Autodesk SketchBook is a cross-platform art tool that features a plethora of brushes to explore and play with. It is ideal for architects, designers and professionals. This is the best illustration software for you if you are not a beginner and have worked with other software but want to improve and explore with your creativity.

It’s the best drawing software ever with over 140 pre-made brushes, a simple interface, and the ability to add layers to images. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices and allows you to modify and import your own brush. Another aspect worth mentioning is the ability to group and combine notes.

When it comes to cost, the program allows you to select the package that best suits your needs. For more information and support, you can contact the customer service representative.



Corel Painter is a painting solution that can create spectacular effects, making it ideal for students, budding artists, and designers. Custom brushes are included, as well as compatibility with third-party programs and hardware. It is a cross-platform program that offers a variety of creative software products. The ‘thick painting’ feature of this best illustration software allows you to create amazingly authentic masterpieces.

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However, the program is not overly sophisticated, but it does have a variety of brushes, as well as the option to create your own custom brushes. Painter can be used in conjunction with other programs such as Photoshop and other state-of-the-art software. The software is available for both Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from their website.

4. CorelDraw



When it comes to CorelDRAW, the name is enough to distinguish it from Photoshop. It is a well-known and respected graphics and illustration program that allows you to work and experiment with your ideas. The recently released LiveSketch vector tool, which produces AI-guided drawing-like images, is the USP of the software. This tool intelligently modifies and corrects hand drawn paths and assimilates them with other vector curves.

CorelDRAW has taken virtual drawing to the next level with this tool, letting you feel the image. The tool incorporates both machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, allowing you to bring your imagination to life in seconds and with more realistic and natural appearances. Although the app is only accessible for Windows, it quickly gained a reputation.



You can trust Artweaver if you’re looking for a creative drawing program that’s been around for decades. Several collaboration options and features are included in this easy-to-use app. It is one of the oldest painting programs, with a large selection of pens and features. Create masterpieces with customizable interfaces and if you are a newbie you should start with this software.

The remarkable brush system, which is programmable in nature, allowing you to choose from a large number of brushes and adjust them to your liking. If you are working on a collaborative art project, this software will come in handy because it empowers you to share the document with other collaborators. It can keep track of your work and thus help you in your workflow. However, the software is only available for Windows and is very inexpensive.



ArtRage is the most useful illustration software for smartphones and computers, developed and published by Ambient Design Ltd. Do not mix this app with Hobbyist app; They are the same thing. Hobbyist was the original name for ArtRage, but the company later changed it to ArtRage and added additional professional capabilities to the software. Also Check Out Best Offline Translation Software

Since then, the app has evolved and is now accessible for both Mac and Windows. Its flexible interface, as well as various painting and editing tools, have just been released. You can also modify the brushes to your liking and use the image editing effects tool to apply shadow, light, liquify and enhance effects to the image.



An artist named Peter Blaskovic created and manufactured this software to make drawing more versatile and interactive. This app is more reasonably known as one-of-a-kind paint software due to its endless customization options and ability to showcase creativity in wet, dry, watercolor, and acrylic modes.

Because the developer created this app as part of his experimental drawing efforts, it came about by chance and not by design. He intended to create an easy-to-use drawing platform that could also be used with natural painting utensils. Wet diffusion and drying processes, realistic color mixing, and a large selection of watercolors, acrylics, inks, and pastels are just a few of the highlights of this program.



Inkscape is the only free and open source program on this list, and it’s packed with features. Vector graphics can be created on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. However, you lose a number of features found in commercial software. Nonetheless, the program is robust enough to be used on a regular basis.

Mesh, interactive anti-aliasing for the Pencil tool, new path effects, better SVG2 and CSS3 support, and an Object dialog for direct management of all drawing components are just some of the great new features.



It is free software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other open source platforms. This community based open source program aims to provide free drawing software to the general public. With a variety of customization options and third-party plugins, it enables any aspiring designer, artist, illustrator, or photographer to increase their productivity.

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Its powerful capabilities and functionalities provide a superior framework for programmed image editing. The app also supports a variety of languages, including C, C++, Python, Perl, Scheme, and others. GIMP has high-quality color management tools for creating highly accurate color simulations on a variety of platforms. Other free apps like Inkscape, Scribus, and SwatchBooker can also be used. See Also Best Campaign Management Software



You can use this software if you can’t afford more expensive software but still want to learn to draw virtually. PaintTool SAI is an excellent alternative with many customization possibilities and a lot of flexibility. It may not be able to replace Photoshop or other high-end software, but it’s worth a try.

Full pressure digitizer support, excellent smooth drawings, incredibly accurate compositing with 16-bit ARGB channels, and a simple yet powerful user interface that makes learning easy are just some of the highlights of this tool. Additionally, the software fully supports Intel MMX technology and provides data protection to prevent unexpected termination.


The pixels have taken over the painting. The image is more beautiful when the pixel density is higher. These programs and software will certainly save your time, but it is his imagination that will create the real masterpiece. There are no shortcuts to creativity, and these apps are just tools to help you reach your best potential.