Articles on cyber security and IT services

Articles on cyber security and IT services

Key aspects when choosing a firewall

In our post about The secrets of the networks that the firewalls do not report to usWe talked about how firewalls are responsible for monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic of a site to prohibit the entry of some suspicious users and thus avoid threats. An essential system for any company that wants to safeguard its information.

Like everything else, there are a number of different firewalls on the market and choosing the best solution for your company is not an easy task. That is why today we want to tell you about the aspects you should pay attention to, to choose a firewall that meets your expectations. A very quick guide on the requirements that it should meet to provide the desired protection.

Key aspects when choosing a firewall

High load capacity

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming stronger and more aggressive, therefore, the load capacity must be very high to be able to block these threats. Before purchasing a firewall, it is important that you ask the provider the following questions, to be convinced that it is the solution you need: What is the most aggressive type of DDoS attack that it can handle? Success stories that prove it? What human and technical resources does the provider have before an attack? Among many others you may have.

The key is to ensure that the firewall meets your needs. To do this, ask, ask, ask… Until you bother the supplier if necessary. We are talking about the cybersecurity of your company, rest assured that you will understand.

Look at performance, distribution and location

Sometimes DDoS sweep centers can affect performance, limiting delivery and increasing the risk of compounding latency issues for users. To do this, we advise you to choose the location based on your needs and requirements before choosing a firewall provider.

Don’t forget WAF accuracy

It is important that you understand how WAF providers could improve your strategies in practice. Therefore, before acquiring it, it is important that you try it.

shared intelligence

Make sure that your provider has the capacity to generate a large volume of traffic worldwide to obtain significant information and that they know how to take advantage of it to create improved protection strategies adapted to the threats of the moment.

What about IP reputation?

It is important that you choose a provider that is capable of assigning an accurate reputation score to all IP addresses. To do this, your provider must have a global vision of world traffic.

Response immediacy

It is important that your provider guarantees immediate and fast response times to block any threat. That’s why it’s important to request service level agreements (SLAs). A slow response can cause financial and customer losses.

Human factor resources

Imagine that several companies suffer a cyberattack at the same time. The supplier must have the capacity and sufficient resources to work simultaneously in all these companies, in order to solve the problem immediately. Let’s face it, if a provider doesn’t have enough hands to deal with a simultaneous cyber attack, they will prioritize those companies that bring them the most profit or improve their reputation.

Integration with other security systems (synchronized security)

The synchronized securityIt is the ability of a company’s cybersecurity solutions to communicate with each other automatically and act in an aligned manner against any threat. In this way, your solutions act immediately without the need for your intervention.

Firewall + Deep Learning, the perfect combination by ESED

Let me tell you a little about the solutionfirewallthat we offer in ESED in case it is of your interest.

The firewall system we work with offers the best protection against today’s most advanced and recurring threats; malware, bots, hackers, leaks, among many others, thanks to the use of Deep Learning.

Using deep learning technology allows unknown malware hiding in suspicious payloads to be detected quickly and effectively before they access your network.

And since I don’t want to overwhelm you with endless details, if you need more information we put at your disposal ourdirect contact, to calmly resolve all your questions and we can help you find a solution adapted to your needs.


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