How to conduct a customer journey analysis

How to conduct a customer journey analysis

Customer journey analysis consists of evaluating each point of direct or indirect interaction that consumers have with your business.

This process includes conducting an in-depth analysis of the shopping experience, from the moment the consumer knows your brand, to their post-purchase experience, as well as brand loyalty and brand promotion strategies.

Specifically, customer journey analysis helps companies see their brand through the eyes of the consumer. In this way, it is possible to delve into the context of the entire trip and obtain real information that allows the design of products and services that solve the needs during the customer journey.

What is customer journey analysis?

Among the most prominent uses of customer journey analysis are the following:

Detailed analysis: This method is responsible for carrying out a detailed analysis of each step of the customer’s journey and identifying those elements that arise during their interactions with the brand.

Use of data: Customer journey analysis is responsible for combining information about each interaction to identify the impact it will have on customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and company profits.

Control of metrics: Another use of this method is that it allows to connect the performance metrics, and in this way visualize the complete experience in the customer journey, connecting the pieces together with the feelings of the consumers.

Identify bad experiences in the journey: The analysis of the customer journey allows to have clarity in the customer journey of the elements that are considered as a waste for the clients and the company’s resources. In this way it is possible to reduce costs and improve the experience.

Steps for conducting a customer journey analysis

There are many ways to effectively map and analyze your customer journey. It all depends on the goals of the organization and the type of industry you are in.

Next, we have for you some general steps of the process that you must carry out

Step 1. Identify your consumer: Understand their characteristics and the way they interact with your brand.

Step 2. Do some preliminary research: Use existing data to identify emotions and frustrations on the consumer journey.

Step 3. Make a Hypothesis: Create a general framework of the customer journey, based on previous research.

Step 4. Understand the customer experience: Observe consumer interactions with your brand and identify their emotions, common needs and the factors that motivate them to go from one point to another on the map.

Step 5. Mapping: Identify the common points of contact that exist between customers when making a decision. Later, make a summary of these steps and the objectives of each of them.

Here are some tips for mapping the customer experience.

Advantages of conducting a customer journey analysis

Here are the main benefits of conducting a customer journey analysis:

  • Understand the needs and wants of your target audience.
  • Identify the gaps between what a company believes it offers and the customer experience.
  • Improve the relationship between the customer and the brand.
  • Allow managers to run their businesses focused on delivering a positive customer experience.
  • Provide information on what are the elements that influence a customer to have a positive or negative experience with the brand.
  • Reduce customer complaints and churn rate.
  • Reduces costs by reducing waste and cycle travel times.

Why is conducting a customer journey analysis important?

Customers today want quick results and that the products and services they purchase can meet their needs instantly. That is why organizations must create pleasant processes that are easy to go through.

The main reason a customer journey analysis is necessary is because it allows you to ensure that there are no gaps in the map, that your brand offers a unique experience and efficient customer service.

One of the priorities of companies should be to be aware of the customer journey and identify those key points in our business that can help to boost it or have big losses.

After conducting an effective and correct customer analysis, we assure you that you will be surprised with all the ideas and data that you will collect to improve the consumer experience.
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