What is flashing a cell phone

What is flashing a cell phone

Much is said about this subject sometimes without even having a basic knowledge, we are going to try to explain and define what it means to flash a cell phone, what is to unlock and unlock it, what are the differences and what is achieved with each of them. these services that we provide most of the legally established technical services that we are located in many sectors of our city, we will also see what cannot be done when flashing, unlocking and unlocking a cell phone.

What is flashing a cell phone?

Well, flashing is simply: Repairing , updating , totally or partially modifying the software (operating system) of a cell phone by loading its firmware through specific software, many times paid (there are also unofficial free software that bring many risks when carrying out this process ) .

And… In what cases is a phone flashed ? When a phone becomes slow , it presents problems due to malware “viruses” or simply to update the software version of the equipment in some cases when flashing a phone the equipment is also formatted in the process. At STI-Mobile we offer you this service.

A very important detail is that by flashing your cell phone you may lose the warranty of your equipment, in cases of repair there is no other option, but in cases of updating you could choose to do it via OTA (Over The Air) Via Wi-Fi , by this way we do not lose the guarantee of our equipment and we can still update to the latest version, which is highly recommended.

But the most important thing about flashing is that this process does not change or modify the IMEI of any cell phone; It is often heard that to change the IMEI you have to flash the phone, nothing is further from the truth, Flashing does not change or modify the IMEI.

Release Unlock

It is the process of enabling a cellular device that is blocked by an operator (such as Tigo, Viva or Entel) when you buy a device from an operator (although they tell us that they give us the equipment for hiring their service for a certain time, almost always 18 months at the end we end up paying with a monthly fee that is included in our bill) these devices are programmed to work only with this operator.

When unlocking a phone, what we do is that it can read any SIM «Chip» from any operator , theoretically by fulfilling the contract with the operator they should unlock these devices for free.


It is simply to remove the user code from our equipment, for this in most cases it is necessary to format or reset the equipment, for which all the user’s information is lost, this does not modify anything, it only deletes all the user’s data. Here I talk a little more about this.

To finish, a very important detail is that neither the release nor the unlocking changes or modifies the IMEI of any cell phone.

The reason why we are writing this article is because it really bothers me that the media give erroneous information about a service that cell phone technicians perform and confuse people by saying that illegal things are done through the flashing service, such as changing IMEI of a cell phone nothing could be further from the truth .

It would be interesting if before launching this type of information they verify and at least investigate a little, All the information that we have just reflected in this article can be found in a lot of other articles on the Internet, the technical service work, the flashing service , the unlocking service that most legal and certified technicians carry out is not illegal at all because with these processes it is not possible to change or modify the IMEI of cell phones.

Obviously the change or modification of IMEI is possible with certain tools and it is also certain that many bad technicians carry out this illegal service, but this is not going to criminalize a service that we offer many technicians that comply with all the requirements and regulations that the authorities and the laws require us.


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