What is Burp Suite?

What is Burp Suite?

Do you know what Burp Suite is? If you are passionate about ethical hacking and trying different security measures in software , then this suite of tools might be of great interest to you. There are different techniques required to perform security audits on web applications and the platform that we will present to you below is capable of bringing them together in one place. In this post, we will talk about what Burp Suite is and why it is often used in the world of cybersecurity.

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What is Burp Suite?

1.1 Burp Suite Community Edition
1.2 Burp Suite Professional
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What is Burp Suite?

Burp Suite is a digital platform that brings together specialized tools for penetration testing web applications . Burp Suite has two versions : a free version (Burp Free) and a paid version (Burp Professional). We will differentiate them to establish how they are used in ethical hacking of web pages.

Burp Suite Community Edition

Burp Suite Community Edition is the free version of this platform, it is installed by default on the Kali Linux operating system and its main function is to act as an HTTP proxy for the application to perform pentesting .

An HTTP proxy is a tool used in the ethical hacking of web pages in order to intercept network traffic, which allows it to analyze, modify, accept or reject all requests and responses of the application .

This is the main function of Burp Free and it is one of the reasons why Burp suite is so well known in cybersecurity.

Burp Suite has one of the most widely used HTTP proxies in the industry , which also does not charge users money to implement it. However, the paid version of Burp Suit offers other tools of interest to a pentester .

Burp Suite Professional

Burp Professional is a paid software developed by PortSwigger company . It includes, in addition to the HTTP proxy, some web pentesting tools such as:

  • Scanner of different types of web vulnerabilities.
  • Spider module for indexed content detection .
  • Fuzzing programs .
  • Collaborative features.

Although it is not the only tool that you will require to carry out a web security audit , Burp Suite Professional offers a wide range of programs that will serve you for this purpose. This project seeks to gather as many useful functions for web hacking as possible . Therefore, it is a good option to perform penetration tests on websites in a practical way.

How to learn more?

Now you know what Burp Suite is and why this tool is so well known in the world of web hacking. If you want to continue learning and specialize in computer security , our Full Stack Bootcamp Cybersecurity is ideal for you. Enroll now and become an expert in just 7 months!