Web Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Web Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Web Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Web design is not just about making your web pages look good. Web designers now focus more on user experience (UX) than on creating layouts in the traditional sense. This paradigm shift has led web design trends to concepts like conversational user interface, age-sensitive design, AI-powered robots, and so on.

The idea is to make your web design more personal and interactive while ensuring relevance to your core business. Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the buzzword in the industry and for the same reasons. AI allows you to create custom websites and chat interfaces.

Web Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) clashing with website design is a classic case of technology and creativity. AI is gaining momentum in the world of web design, not only in delivering better UX, but also in helping to build websites.

AI-powered website builders take advantage of artificial intelligence to build websites. An AI-powered user interface (UI) uses artificial intelligence to provide greater visitor satisfaction. Bots with artificial intelligence technology allow companies to automate communication and offer personalized assistance to users.

So what is AI? What are these much talked about website builders and AI bots? And given advances in artificial intelligence, is AI replacing web designers? Let’s dive into the shocking world of AI and web design and find out the answers to these questions!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is exactly what the name implies: artificially simulated intelligence. AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines that are programmed to mimic human action, reasoning, problem solving, rational thinking, and other similar characteristics of human intelligence.
Website builders with AI technology
Companies like The Grid and Wix aim to unify the creative world with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to design and create websites. They offer powerful AI tools that “learn” from your business content and automate the design process.

Website builders with artificial intelligence technology use techniques to analyze their content. Consequently, through an advanced AI bot, they can build their website, learning from your feedback.

The Grid calls their Artificial Intelligence bot, Molly, who claims that it will help you create an impressive website in less than a few minutes. In 2016, Wix introduced its algorithm, Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which anyone can use to create a website instantly. Answer a few questions about your business, the ADI algorithm learns from your content and creates a tailor-made website.

Machine learning for web design

Web Design
Web Design

Software companies are investing in the development of tools that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate web design. The new Adobe Sensei platform aims to combine machine learning with graphic design. Instead of a designer creating layouts, colors, and sizes, the software will analyze user input and recommend design elements.

Is AI replacing web designers?

Creativity is not very easy to simulate artificially. So these machine learning techniques are not going to replace web designers, at least not yet! But they are going to influence how web designers think and how companies build websites.

AI is less likely to completely replace web designers in website building. However, we are going to find more aspects of artificial intelligence, such as the AI-powered user interface and bots embedded in web design.

AI Powered User Interface (UI)

The AI-powered user interface is a user interface that incorporates a certain level of artificial intelligence. It has the intelligence factor to recognize visitor usage patterns. Therefore, the AI-powered user interface can create few subtle interface changes based on this information. Over a period of time, these seemingly minor changes will have an added effect and improve user satisfaction.

AI-powered bots

In software terms, a “bot” is a piece of code that performs an automated task. A chatbot is a program that carries out a conversation task. Chatbots (also known as Artificial Conversational Entity) can converse like a human, through textual or auditory forms.

Chat bots are of three types:

  • Scripted bots
  • AI bots
  • Agent-assisted AI bot

Scripted robots carry out a conversation based on a fully pre-programmed script, while an AI bot handles all user requests to the point where the user cannot tell if they are talking to a human or not.

A truly smart AI bot is not yet feasible, and there are several milestones ahead! A viable approach now is an agent-assisted AI bot. The AI ​​bot tries to satisfy user requests, but when it doesn’t know how to handle it, a human takes over.

These AI-powered chat bots can’t completely replace humans (yet!). But, they never sleep, they don’t make you wait, don’t get frustrated and they also offer solutions! Naturally, they have found their place in the evolving world of web design, where customer experience is the key driving factor now.

How is the future of AI + Web Design?

This marriage of web design and artificial intelligence is here to stay. But if AI is not fully viable, how? Simply because it eliminates a lot of tedious work and allows companies to focus on important aspects. There are still several years to go before the web is full of AI-built websites, user interfaces, and AI bots, but we are definitely glimpsing our smart future today.


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