Tips To Create Your Home Office

Tips To Create Your Home Office

If you’ve had to work from home, you’ve probably done it from the kitchen table, dining room, or even your bed or sofa, but let’s face it, these spaces are often not the best choice when it comes to comfort and focus! ! Especially if you live with more people or if you have small children at home.

The “new normality” has brought with it this need to have a suitable place for home office, doing so will help you better manage your time and distribution of your daily activities, and will also make you someone more efficient to develop your work from House. That’s why we’re giving you these tips and ideas to help you choose the perfect place and the right equipment for work in your home office. If you want to build a more comfortable home office space:

1. Establish a certain workspace

Delimiting a work space inside your home is very important. It is recommended to choose a place away from televisions, common areas and passageways or other distractions, to avoid any type of interruption.      

If you have the possibility, the ideal is to allocate a room where you can place all the necessary office supplies, such as a table or desk , a computer, a printer, a shelf for books and documentation, and other elements necessary to carry out your work. It is recommended to adapt a room as isolated as possible, where you can even close your door to communicate that you are not fully available and increase your productivity.

2. Take care of your physical health

Do not forget to ensure the ergonomics of your furniture for the care of your physical health. A good desk and a good chair are essential. Take care that your chair is friendly and comfortable for your back, also consider the height of the table or desk, it is necessary to have space to stretch your legs and that your workplace is spacious and useful enough to effectively carry out your tasks.

Other factors must be considered, such as the distance between your eyes and the monitor of your laptop or computer (the minimum recommended is 40cm) and the possible use of some accessory for a correct position of your hand when using the mouse of your computer. .

3. Invest in a comfortable chair for your home office.

Comfortable office chairs are at the heart of a productive home workspace. You will spend almost half the day in it. Investing in a good one will make a noticeable difference in your working life.

Selecting the right chair for your home office can be a challenge. Prices can range from a basic chair to a high-end chair.

To find the right fit, pay attention to support for your back, thighs, and arms. It also considers the most suitable material options and the guarantees offered.

4. Make sure you have good lighting and ventilation

Always try to ensure that your workspace has the best possible natural lighting. 

In addition to taking advantage of as much natural light as possible, we recommend that it be a place where air circulates, and preferably away from the stove, refrigerator or any other appliance that produces heat or odors.

5. Keep a clean and tidy space

Remember that less is more. A place full of paperwork and pending tasks causes a feeling of restlessness and stress. Therefore, order is necessary to work in good conditions and allow your concentration and productivity to flow.

Try to have an assigned place for each of your materials, file and place your documents in such a way that you can access everything you need without much problem.

Preferably avoid consuming food or drinks in your work area, it is recommended to schedule times to consume them in an already established space.

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