Tips for working efficiently from home.

Tips for working efficiently from home.

The situation our country and the world are going through has led us to look for new ways of working. Now that we must take care of our health and that of our collaborators more than ever, the time has come to do home office.

It is quite a personal challenge to find a way to be productive from home , leaving aside distractions and concentrating on being efficient and continuing to generate during this season.

Here we give you some tips to continue being productive and that your work is not diminished by being at home.

Prepare a reliable workspace

Choose a place in the house to function as your work space, avoid it being your bedroom or a very comfortable place because you could lose interest in continuing your daily tasks.

set routines

You need to keep up with your activities , continue to wake up at the same time, do some exercise, eat breakfast and sit down to work on a regular basis, the same should happen at lunch, as time can pass differently while you are at home.

plan your day

It is important to take into account the activities that you will carry out on the day and plan them , for this you can rely on different tools that help you manage the times and delivery dates for each of your projects.

stay in communication

It is important to continue with the workflow , being in constant contact with your team, knowing about their progress and tasks will help you to have visibility over your team and its activities in order to create better communication and therefore better performance.

Work on your most important tasks first

After planning your day you can order your most important tasks and set yourself the goal of finishing at least 3 or 4 in a day. These tasks can be carried out in the first hours of the day, which are the most productive.

take little breaks

There are different techniques to work in blocks of time, alternating work with small moments of rest , doing this will help you maintain concentration and eliminate interruptions, as well as avoid exhaustion. Get up from your work chair and stretch a bit to relax and start over.

Use a Software that supports you

If your company has software like NetSuite , having control of the tasks and organization of the team will be simple, thanks to the 360º visibility that the platform has, they will be able to update all areas of their information and keep up to date with work progress . This is a great opportunity to meet her and start changing the way your company works.

If you carry out these little tips you will be able to notice the difference when it comes to working from home and remember to feel motivated every day to finish your tasks, it should be an impulse to want to get more every day.