technology and business trends for 2021

technology and business trends for 2021

2020 has been described as “the great year of the technological leap” due to the expectations that are generated in terms of developments in Artificial Intelligence , Big Data , Internet , security and digital banking amid the effects that the pandemic has left; Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the technological trends that lie ahead for next year, having a firm ground to know which areas need to be strengthened and become part of the global digital transformation and the new normal.

The world is changing at a speed never seen before due to the situations that were generated as a result of COVID-19 that no one was prepared to face. And, amid the uncertainty, technology has been the lifeline of many businesses and organizations that thought of this element as a luxury and not as a basic necessity.
The solutions that are becoming known in the field of business intelligence or Business Intelligence means that what is working today, may need to be adjusted and increased in the very near future in order to be better prepared not only in a matter of infrastructure and operability , but also in the work teams to take your organization to a higher level of competitiveness.

Due to the mandatory isolations due to COVID-19 in different parts of the world, the need to feel accompanied is becoming stronger, forcing companies to be present in all possible channels such as physical stores, e Commerce, mobile apps, call centers and social networks; creating new challenges and changes in the way of interacting with clients to respond to that need.

Technologies play a fundamental factor, since a true Omni channel (delivering a unified experience in each of the channels) requires, not only a trained team with a vision for the future, but also solutions that optimize operations, streamline the production and product release and above all: improve the customer experience .

The technology industry is constantly evolving in a chain reaction of rapid technological developments that we cannot escape from as they are reshaping everyday life.

Technology is evolving very fast, it is even said that for some years humans have revolved around it and today we present you with the topics that will be the most talked about. So how will technology change your work and personal life in the next 6 months? Here are 12 tech trends to keep in mind for 2021.
Technological trends for 2021, what you need to know about the future
In this top trends you will know technological and business trends that you should take into account for the coming year.

1. Digital assistants with voice, the new company:

The feeling of wanting to be accompanied will be seen as a consequence of the time lapses that many people had to spend alone from their homes due to confinement, and will bring with it the trend of digital assistants. They will appear everywhere.

2021 will seek the creation of new ways to combine and interact services and software equipment within the framework of modern approaches to organize processes such as banking services using exclusively voice.

If manufacturers succeed in developing voice user interfaces with advanced emotion recognition and transfer capabilities, companies will be able to use them to increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, the neural systems for the reproduction of speech and text will not allow us to determine whether who is speaking to us is a person or a program trained to imitate human emotions. Likewise, voice assistants will become more emotional and will learn, for example, to identify disappointment in user responses by trying to establish empathy in the user’s interaction with the artificial intelligence system. In addition, voice technology will be able to make users happier by achieving better business results.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the year of its maturity in business:

Artificial intelligence will be applied to a wide range of information, including video, images, voice, network traffic activity, and sensor data. It is estimated that at least 25,000 million things will be connected by 2021. It is expected that next year AI technologies will grow exponentially and be included in almost all technology products and services.

According to AI investor and philanthropist Tej Kohli, AI has at least four times more applications than the internet, so the AI ​​economy could be worth $ 150 trillion.

2021, could be the year that AI finally comes of age with the increasingly high adoption of this process, focusing on improving the customer experience and modernizing business actions. Artificial intelligence is powered by the arrival of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

3. Internet of things (IoT), your connected home:

The internet of things is a term that we have been constantly hearing about for some time and represents the way in which everyday things that connect to the Internet and act in synergy, achieving an integrated whole. It is a network that interconnects physical objects using specialized hardware that allows not only connectivity to the Internet, but also schedules specific events based on the tasks that are dictated remotely.

The Internet of Things is an industry that moves billions and from 2021 it will begin to reach its full potential. We are already witnessing how through applications connected to each other , our homes are increasingly intelligent making different appliances, locks or room lights turn on or off when giving the order to our assistants such as Siri or Alexa

4. Data security or cybersecurity:

For many companies, data is a critical business asset. But how do you measure the value of that data? And what happens when that data is lost or stolen? As we have seen with recent data leaks and thefts involving studies and possible advances for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in the healthcare sector, a threat to a company’s data can be crippling and cause potentially irreparable damage to the company’s brand and reputation.

The cybersecurity now dominates the priorities of all organizations as they adapt to the post – World COVID 19. The identities and devices for remote workers are the new perimeter security should be reinforced.
Assessing and implementing a multi-cloud environment can help determine who provides the best performance and support for each situation.

6. Analytics and data mining as the focus in many professions:

As employer demand grows, the urgency of filling a funnel of highly skilled data analysts becomes a reality. North Carolina State University is home to the first Master’s program in Science Analysis. This program is housed in its Institute for Advanced Analytics (IAA), a data center with a mission to “produce the best analytics professionals in the world, individuals who master complex methods and tools for large-scale data modeling and who they have a passion for solving challenging problems… ”Following suit, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz have increased their data science and analytics options for students, with demand that exceeds expectations, but why?

Starting in 2018, a more rigorous approach began to be seen to ensure that students possess the technical analysis skills and strategic management vision to join the modern workforce. And, as companies continue to refine their data to extract maximum value, the demand for a highly data-savvy workforce will exist and continue to grow

7. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR):

Other technological trends that we must take into account in 2021 are virtual reality and augmented reality . Virtual reality immerses the individual in an environment, while augmented reality enlarges the environment of the users.

As augmented reality becomes mainstream, we expect more companies to use it in their marketing strategies to make stronger, longer-lasting connections. And as the world adjusts to the limitations of a post-coronavirus world, AR can play quite a role in our daily interactions.

According to Retail Perceptions , approximately 40% of consumers would be willing to spend more on a product if it offered an AR experience . Thus, it becomes a competitive advantage to improve the conversion rate and business strategies.

8. Trade online within the highest preferences:

E-commerce will play an important role in this evolution, as technology has the ability to alter the entire industry by personalizing and improving the shopping experience . Now consumers want simpler and faster shopping experiences.

If we know something today, it is that young people trust Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft much more, which has made many financial institutions adopt Fintech models to offer us the possibility of having healthier finances, as well as controlling our expenses and knowing where our money is going.

An example of the growth of this type of commerce can be seen in Instagram Shopping , a powerful marketing and sales tool. Every day there are new offers and products that drive sales through the same social network.

9. Block Chain, more than blocks:

The chain of blocks , better known by the term in English Block chain , is a single registry, consensual and distributed in several nodes of a network. In the case of cryptocurrencies, we can think of it as the accounting book where each of the transactions is recorded. Companies today obtain greater security and monetization of their business thanks to this data structure.

By 2021 it is estimated that these block chains may be applied in other sectors such as intellectual property, food security or asset management.
Mainly, institutions hope to see a development in Block chain that focuses on preventing internet fraud and information leakage. However, there are also suggestions that Block chain technology could profoundly impact the art, music, and creative space by examining works of art for counterfeits.

10. Arrival of the 5G network, network at full speed:

We have seen a steady transition from previous generation technology with the introduction of 3G in 2001 and the launch of 4G in 2009. People expect that with 5G, Internet applications and connected devices will reach a more powerful connection than ever before.

One of the objectives of 5G is to improve the user experience thanks to its high connection speed, minimum latency and high reliability that will achieve a huge advance towards connectivity . This must be analyzed as a broad field or sector that companies must target to strengthen relationships and attract potential clients. It may be a small step for first world countries, but it is a great leap for some Latin American nations that leads to a decrease in the digital divide due to the lack of coverage and speed in areas far from the main cities. We live in a world where connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

5G promises to speed up the network five times more than 4G capabilities, which will allow users to have benefits such as downloading movies, songs and files in just five seconds and for companies the possibility of offering digital channels with more content, achieving more proximity and 100% digital experiences . It’s an ultra-fast connection that will soon become an enterprise technology for speed and data analytics. Furthermore, the introduction of LTE is not weakening and is estimated to reach $ 672 billion by the end of 2021.

11. Chat bot and quick responses

Due to the growth of machine learning, chat bots have become extremely popular in both small and large businesses. For this, a natural language (NLP) is combined, along with immediate responses in chats or web pages that result in the simulation of conversations having more receptive, intelligent and more human conversational agents. Chat bots are typically used in customer service. It’s also one of today’s hottest SMB tech trends.

Today’s chat bots are more powered by artificial intelligence and are becoming human-like. They are now better suited to chat with customers as company representatives, offering more speed and efficiency.
Being prepared regarding these technological trends for the future is not a bad idea, on the contrary, it must be an attitude of internal research to know how to deal with the coming changes before they arrive and take us by surprise.

In this article we have consolidated 12 technological trends for 2021 in relation to the business world and of which we are sure will have the greatest impact when it comes to exponential increases in business regardless of their sector. However, there are other sectorized technologies that are growing at an accelerated rate and that provide a specific benefit for each type of business.

We invite you to continue strengthening the sense of innovating and studying these technologies to show the benefit that it brings not only for business indicators but also the impact it has on people’s lives. We want to accompany you so that you are prepared to assume the new normal with all that it brings.


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