Technologies to promote internal communication in the company

Technologies to promote internal communication in the company

The most important value for companies is their human capital . If you promote the use of information technologies and collaborative tools in your company, these valuable employees will achieve greater efficiency in their tasks and in all the organization’s processes .

You must know how to take advantage of innovations in computer systems to improve your products or services, manufacturing processes and, in general, the entire business.

However, many times attention is paid or investment is made only in the final product, without taking into account that there are some factors along the way that are essential to generate a good product.

The first of these is to have qualified talent that performs their tasks properly for the proper functioning of all areas of the company. Therefore, it is necessary that you review how to support the improvement of your communication and productivity through the correct tools.

One of these tools is the use of information technologies indicated to improve work mechanisms and communication with employees, optimizing tasks and giving higher quality results.

Today there are all kinds of technological solutions, applications, software, tools and devices that improve the daily work of employees, so it is important to consider them for digitization strategies.

What to take into account to improve

Sometimes, due to lack of training or because it is not the right tool for a given problem, ICT tools (Information and Communication Technologies) are not well used to reduce production time or save costs.

It is necessary to review which areas we want to improve and which tool can be more useful for the process, avoiding implementing solutions just to follow technological trends.

The benefits of technology

Improvements in security, speed of processes, increased efficiency are just some of the benefits of using ICT tools. There are four important advantages that make the work of the staff easier.

1.Process efficiency:

Simplifying processes, automating repetitive tasks or speeding up communication are benefits of ICT tools and allow workers to focus on more important tasks.

2.Greater collaboration and communication:

Thanks to the level of hyper connection achieved today, there is faster and more efficient communication in organizations, exponentially improving the ability to work as a team. Everyone can connect with each other and share information.

3.Cost control:

By improving processes, which are made simpler, costs are reduced. However, technology also allows for more detailed control of them at all levels. It is possible to detect problems faster and act on where there are inefficiencies.

4.Greater security: 
At all levels of the organization it is essential to maintain security. Technology is essential to avoid potential threats to productivity and continue safe processes.

How to use ICT tools to improve productivity in your company

All areas can improve with the use of technological advances. If you consider ICT in particular, you can apply them in the following ways:

Data storage and handling:

Data and information are of great importance today for business performance. It depends on these that companies can evolve and adapt to changes to remain competitive. This is one of the reasons for implementing ICT tools in all areas.

Cloud solutions currently offer access to information from any place and device, while maintaining security.

Among the best known Cloud computing solutions that can be used from the cloud are:

  • Amazon Web Service
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

You can also use very simple tools that will allow you to store files, handle mail or manage the calendar:

  • drop box
  • G Suite
  • OneDrive
  • iCloud

2.Projects management:

Company employees work as a team involved in different projects. If an SME seeks to better manage its projects and the information of each one, it will be necessary to implement technological solutions to create each project and assign those who will be working on it.

There are tools to manage diverse projects, from the simple to the most complex. It will be necessary for you to review which one best suits your needs and try before choosing an option. Among the best known are:

  • base camp
  • Team work
  • pose
  • ever note
  • Gantt Project
  • Trello

3.Client Coordination:

Company software can help your employees reduce analysis, search and follow-up times. Solutions such as CRMs have allowed numerous SMEs to make a detailed record of the movements made with their real or potential clients and, at the same time, share this data among their collaborators.

This type of management software can help improve productivity in different areas or be useful for Project Managers or Account Managers. They will be able to understand the status of a client and use information from it.

Among the most popular software solutions, such as CRM, that analyze customer data for marketing purposes are:

  • Sage CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • SugarCRM
  • Sum CRM

4.efficient communication: Doing work efficiently is progress, but connecting with your team while doing it takes your business to the next level. Corporate social tools give structure to the interaction of your teams, keep the movement and people learn to work motivated and achieving greater productivity.

That is why it is necessary to choose the right type of communication channel. Emails are the main means of communication in many companies, although they are not always the most productive or efficient tool. It may happen that on some occasion, a situation that could be solved in a minute of phone call or instant messaging, is postponed in several emails.

It is important then to know what type of communications there is between your collaborators and analyze which is the most appropriate channel for each situation.

Among the best known solutions are:

  • Phone call
  • E-mail
  • chat
  • Video call

Some of the technological tools to make this type of connection are:

  • IP voice
  • Skype
  • Hangouts
  • slack

By facilitating communication within the company, you will be able to promote teamwork , feedback and the exchange of information, maintaining the cohesion and focus of each area.