Technological trends for the next decade (2022-2030)

Technological trends for the next decade (2022-2030)

2020 was the year of the acceleration of the spread of technology in society and 2021 has been the year in which this trend has been consolidated, 2022 is the year of the beginning of the new digital age of the web 3.o . The rate of change has changed and the pace of technological evolution has accelerated, much faster than Moore’s Law predicted. And in order not to miss the train, you have to be aware of what the technological trends will be for the next decade 2022-2030 , here you will discover them all!

1. From digitization to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a fact and it is important for companies to be aware of it. How to do it? A first measure should be through employee training so that they learn new skills and get out of their comfort zone .

No matter how much investment is made in technology or processes are automated, if the organization is not prepared, it will not be able to face digital transformation.

2. Advances in Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the third generation of Internet services for web pages and applications. It will focus on the use of machine-based data understanding to provide a semantic and dataified Web. The ultimate goal of Web 3.0 is to create smarter, more connected, and more open sites.

The implementation of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, NFTs, DeFi, blockchain and more will change the way we navigate the Internet.

Decentralization hand in hand with the blockchain

It is the basis of web 3.0. It enables disintermediation and facilitates interoperability in a transparent way. Furthermore, it also enables the creation of decentralized Daps, decentralized finance DeFi, and decentralized metaverses like Decentraland.


Both expendable and non-expendable property can be tokenized . This allows for faster B2B2C2C transactions and operations.


This is one of the most famous technological trends of this 2022. The metaverse is nothing new. However, the fusion of this technology with web 3.0 will cause us to change the way we do things and in which we interoperate economically. In addition, it will boost the creative economy through NFTs.

Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G

Another of the business trends for the coming years is the Internet of things and 5G. Although in recent years we have already witnessed how, through interconnected applications , more efficient and intelligent networks of information and knowledge are created. This technology will begin to reach its full potential in the embrace of 5G.

With the long-awaited arrival of 5G, a world of opportunities opens up for a hyperconnected world. The data that we are going to manage will be enormous and will allow us to develop innovative solutions and improve management to a level never dreamed of.

Artificial Intelligence increasingly reliable

Algorithms and automated decision making based on metrics take control of everything. Creating a good growth model and identifying the right metrics will be key.

In addition, it reduces the friction between the user and the Internet, facilitating communication and experience.

Artificial intelligence is a set of numerous technologies capable of offering solutions to increasingly complex problems. Some of the technologies with great influence on the development of formative intelligence in 2022 will be AI-aided design, augmented AI development, ontologies and graphs, small data, composite AI, generative AI, among others.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Other business innovation trends to watch out for are virtual reality and augmented reality . Virtual reality immerses the individual in an environment, while augmented reality enlarges the user’s environment.

Companies are expected to use this trend more in their marketing strategies to make stronger and more lasting connections. As the world adjusts to the constraints of the new normal, AR can play quite an important role in our daily interactions.

There are studies that say that half of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it offers the experience of augmented reality.

3. Economy of time

The economy of the digital revolution went from being decentralized by TCP/IP technology to users allowing companies like Google or Facebook to centralize it and dominate the world. This type of company has dedicated itself to stealing our time, creating absurd applications like Instagram and using neuromarketing techniques so that we cling to the screen like a hard drug or like the English did with the colonization of Indochina with Opium.

And they earn a lot of money with our time and we are the best worker, without a contract, without social security, without rights and meanwhile they get rich while they steal our lives. Decentralization will turn time into a new currency. Although it is not yet fully developed, there are already browsers that pay you to use them, or play-to-earn games that pay us for our time, or digital schools that pay apprentices and teachers for teaching and learning.

4. Industry 4.0, RPA and Robotics

Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things and industrial automation are growing rapidly. According to the World Economic Forum, in 2025, 50% of jobs will be performed by machines.
From now on, all work that can be automated will be automated and all low-value work will disappear. Jobs will not be lost, they will be transformed.

Automation of robotic processes

RPA ( Robotic Process Automation ) solutions have been the great unknowns of business automation. His approach proposes a different approach for the automation of processes because he no longer intends to change them, but rather to automate them. It does not pretend to address all the processes, just one. It is an approach that, throughout the year, will allow value results to be obtained and not just monetary ones.


Cybersecurity continues to be a technological trend in 2022. Currently, it is dominating the priorities of all organizations as they adapt to the new normal. To do this, the identities and devices of teleworkers must be reinforced with cybersecurity.

voice digital assistants

Throughout this year, many people have had the need to feel accompanied. For this reason, during the next few years, the feeling of wanting to be accompanied will be seen as something essential. Digital assistants will come to us. We can see them everywhere. Manufacturers will most likely succeed in developing voice user interfaces with advanced emotion recognition and transfer capabilities. In addition to accompanying people , companies will be able to use them to increase customer satisfaction.

At the same time, the neural systems for speech and text reproduction will not let us doubt whether the person speaking to us is a person or a program.

Today’s chatbots are more advanced thanks to artificial intelligence and are becoming more human-like. They are now more suitable for conversing with customers as representatives of the company offering more speed and efficiency.


Due to the growth of machine learning, chatbots have become extremely popular in small and large businesses. Typically, chatbots are used in customer service. They are a set of immediate responses in chats or web pages that help resolve doubts. They are simulations of conversations having conversational agents that are more receptive, more intelligent and more human.

5. New hybrid organizations

The digital transformation is not only technological, but it is also organizational and cultural and that is part of the technological trends so far in 2022.

How should companies be?

  • Companies and individuals will need to put their purpose first.
  • They must be agile and liquid
  • People Centered
  • Located in the cloud

How should the leaders be?

  • They must have a fast and continuous learning
  • Have advanced digital skills
  • Creativity in management

culture transformation

On the other hand, the benefits of the cloud are becoming evident. From the first moment that the pandemic emerged and we began to telework, those companies that were already using the cloud were able to react quickly to the situation and were able to move forward in the face of the uncertain situation that existed. For this reason, during the next few years the use of a cloud will be paramount and will be one of the most important trends. Flexibility and agility are one of the reasons why using a cloud is recommended.

Teleworking and decentralization

Workers have become accustomed to the benefits of working remotely and this is creating tensions between companies and their employees. Not all companies have been able to adapt to teleworking and are looking for formulas that balance teleworking with face-to-face work.

However, there is no doubt that teleworking is here to stay and will coexist with new hybrid forms of collaboration.

Those companies that correctly adopt teleworking and know how to manage the organization remotely will have great competitive advantages, although there will also be challenges to face. Hybrid solutions in the medium term will make it possible to solve the problems that teleworking causes in some workers and companies.

business data

Companies are going to data everything and that will help make processes much more efficient . As an example, we can talk about People Analytics , which consists of making a selection of personnel based on analytics.

A generic profile is established by obtaining information from the best employees, and with this pattern the profile of the future candidate is compared.

Biotech, Martech, Traveltech, Edtech

The different sectors are beginning to adapt and migrate to digital transformation in order to remain competent, innovate and stay afloat.

Purposeful and sustainable companies

The sustainable development goals are increasingly taking root in companies and consumers who are aware of the need to take care of the planet on which we live.
Now it’s your turn, make the most of these technological trends of 2022. If what you are looking for is to take your company to another level or train to be a Manager that changes the world, we present ourOnline MBA for the management of technological and digital companies.

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