Tech Marketing: How It Affects the Role of the CMO

Tech Marketing: How It Affects the Role of the CMO

In the digital age, in which the consumer evolves every day, CMOs must invest a large part of their budget in technology and be aware of the latest trends if they want to reach their potential customers and lead their strategies to success. The application of technological marketing is the right way.
Betting on technological marketing in investments is synonymous with a better service for your business model. The current reality has highlighted the importance of technology in companies to adapt to a world that changes, moreover, at a frenetic pace. CMOs, therefore, now work in an environment in which they have to face business challenges, among which customer experience is especially relevant, but also new trends in technology and innovation.

Digital transformation , in this sense, has led marketing to a technology-based evolution. This is how martech originated , or the combination of the aforementioned technology with marketing strategies to meet business objectives and, of course, with a much more than satisfactory customer experience . In this way, technological processes and their application have become an essential element in the daily activity of CMOs.

According to Gartner , an information technology research company, spending on technology marketing grew significantly between 2017 and 2018, with a 30% increase and, today, that investment has dropped to 26% since that date. However, the commitment to technology is still evident and, in fact, the martech continues to be a critical tool for marketing managers. And it is that this is the most effective way to fulfill its commitment to customers and, at the same time, promote the growth of the company. Also, as Gartner has pointed out by 2021, brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%. In that same year, more than 50% of companies will spend more on bot and chatbot creations than traditional mobile app development.

Technology is, therefore, a revolution for CMOs, who have to incorporate more skills into their departments, such as the automation of strategies, data analysis, actions in the digital environment without leaving traditional ones aside. … A reality that, in short, translates into 360º marketing as the preferred way to reach the goals and objectives of the business.

CMOs and technological marketing in their strategies

According to the same Gartner study mentioned above, only 33% of companies consider that their martech effectively meets their business needs. However, the arguments why a CMO should implement technological marketing among their strategies highlight the importance of this activity for companies and, specifically, for the success of their business models.

Customer analysis

Technological marketing goes, on numerous occasions, hand in hand with artificial intelligence through big data. Therefore, it allows marketing managers to know data about their potential customers. For example, where they are located, what they do or do, how they behave, and what they are likely to do. This information is very valuable to predict the behavior of potential customers and, consequently, design strategies based on their experience and capable of impacting, attracting and falling in love.

Big Data and the importance of technological marketing in companies

Message personalization

With the data that a CMO manages from the previous analysis, he can deduce what his clients need . In this way, the message issued can be articulated to give it a personalized and individualized treatment. Of course, the satisfaction of these will be much greater. In this sense, marketing automation tools are a very powerful weapon to fulfill this task.

Strategy orientation

Combining the analysis of the clients with the elaboration of a personalized message will be the guide that marks the path that the company’s marketing strategies must follow . This course orientation will lead a CMO to the right customers and do it in the right way to reach them. Technology, for all this, is a powerful ally for marketing directors.

Furthermore, a CMO needs to stay up-to-date not only on consumer and shopper behavior and media trends, but also on technology trends: what new tools are available in the market, what they are for, etc. But, in a scenario with more than 5,000 different martech platforms , this task is very difficult. It is interesting to turn to an agency or consultancy specialized in technological marketing that advises you on the implementation of this technology, in order to bring your strategies to success.

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