Technologies that have changed the home buying process

Technologies that have changed the home buying process

The new technologies have revolutionized most sectors, also the home purchase. Today we tell you how technology has transformed the acquisition process, from searching for information to signing documents. Do you know all the digital options for buying your new home?

First of all, it is necessary to make an approach to what Proptech is . This is a trend that refers to promoter companies in the housing sector such as Loiola , for example, that use new technologies to improve their services and processes. Among the technological trends in the housing development sector, we can mention virtual reality (VR) , Big Data , marketplaces and digital contract management .

Virtual reality

One of the technologies to highlight is, without a doubt, virtual reality , which allows you to visualize a property even without being built, in a realistic way. It is a simulator of the house that allows not only to see the house, but also to modify elements (the color of the wall, for example) and to change the distribution of furniture and decorative objects.

On the other hand, virtual reality is commonly used to design virtual visits or tours of real estate, offering an immersive experience to users. 3D graphics are applied , allowing objects to be viewed in their true dimensions and from different perspectives, rather than displaying multiple photos of the same item.

Big Data

Big Data is one of the technological advances that has favored the digital transformation of the real estate sector. The receipt of data and its subsequent analysis provide useful information to companies in the sector, and therefore, to their customers. Big Data has favored the obtaining of information of interest to potential buyers, such as, for example, the services available in a given neighborhood or the calculation of the time it takes from the home to the workplace.

Home acquisition portals and marketplaces

They are digital platforms to search for properties in order to buy, rent or sell them. Among them, Idealista and Fotocasa can be mentioned , specialized online portals, among others, in new-build homes where you can find our promotions.

Digital contract management

Technological advances have allowed the digital signature of contracts and the management of documents online , thus speeding up the process of acquiring a new home (avoiding travel, material and transport costs, etc.). Applications to manage documentation with clients digitally allow the generation of contracts automatically , as well as the signing of all types of documents by the client. However, it should be mentioned that currently, it is not possible to buy a new home completely online, since the signing of the deeds must be done before a notary, in person.

Advantages of technology in the home buying process

– Unnecessary travel is avoided: it allows the client to manage the home buying process from anywhere , without the need to make physical visits to the property or the developer’s office.
– Faster and more efficient transactions : new technologies streamline and simplify the purchasing process, reducing costs and saving time.
– Facilitates relationships with clients: since there is no time limit (unlike in physical offices) and there is a greater personalization of the service (offering a mortgage comparator , for example).

Discover our promotions and visit one of the properties virtually. If you have any questions about the process of buying your new home, write to us and our team of specialists will contact you. We will be delighted to help you!


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