Seven technologies that will surprise us in 2023

Seven technologies that will surprise us in 2023

When there are only a few months left to welcome 2023, the Spanish digital development consultancy Synt onize has compiled the technologies that will surprise us next year, among which, according to all the experts, the evolution in virtual reality, new possibilities in encryption, the elimination of cable Internet connections, the creation of new medicines based on Artificial Intelligence developments or even the long-awaited end of passwords as we know them today:

Virtual reality

Technologies related to virtual reality are growing by leaps and bounds. The most notable advances that we will see in 2023 will focus on graphics processors, the power of electronic devices and the improvement of virtual reality devices. Not only the world of gaming will take advantage of these advances: education and professional training will rely on virtual reality to enhance learning areas; and tourism will also take advantage, since it will be possible to make tourist visits to cities that no longer exist or walk through lost civilizations, without having to leave home.

Cryptography and encryption

In 2023 we will hear a lot about “grid cryptography”, a technology that manages to get ahead of cybercriminals’ goals by hiding user data inside complex algebraic structures.

Wi-Fi 7 arrives

With ultra-fast speeds (up to 2.4 times faster) and low latency. In addition, it will be able to support quadrature amplitude modulation technology in 4K, as well as use channels in 320 Mhz. With the multilink technology that it incorporates, it will be possible to add multiple channels with different frequencies at the same time. It is possible that with WiFi 7 we can even replace the connection to the Internet by cable.

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Factors such as outdated technologies, inefficient organizational systems, or low investment in R&D mean that large levels of energy, materials, and time are wasted. With the use of Artificial Intelligence in 2023, it will be possible to organize and process data from intelligent algorithms to optimize production and quality, reducing waste by up to 50% of the total and achieving more sustainable production.

quantum computing

Quantum computing to solve complex problems, such as chemical reactions through simulations to create, for example, new medicines, reduce emissions or even reduce product development cycles and R&D cost savings.

Medical advances

Medical advances in the early detection of diseases such as cancer, with improved diagnostic evaluation, better genome sequencing technology, and greater accuracy. The technology will also allow a revolution in treatments: gene editing and immunotherapy will have far fewer side effects and will provide greater benefits in less time.

The end of passwords

For the FIDO Alliance, an association of companies whose objective is to eliminate or reduce the excessive use of passwords, passwords are responsible for 80% of data leaks, due to the misuse that most citizens make of them. The intention of this association is the replacement of traditional passwords by biometric systems. That is, they require, for example, the detection of the face, voice or fingerprints.