prototype with 3D printing step by step

prototype with 3D printing step by step

Explaining how to make a prototype is a difficult task and few people have the experience to explain it in detail. We know well its stages of design and elaboration; For this reason, we have for you several tips on the prototyping process from our experts.

According to this definition of what a prototype is , we give you some basic keys for its design that you can take into account when developing yours. Do not worry about the types of prototypes that may exist, because their creation and design with us for a 3D printer is covered. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will have a clearer idea of ​​how to make a prototype .

How to Make a Prototype in 7 Easy Steps

Once you understand what a prototype is , moving on to its creation begins with the concept that you want to materialize. To carry out this task, you must follow the following seven steps to design and learn how to make a prototype .

Make a sketch to get the prototype

The purpose of this first phase of prototyping is to have a diagram that visually captures what you have in mind. You can use low resolution materials for your model – drawing or clay prototype or high resolution, such as a 3D image or video.

It is very important that this first sketch shows the finished product, materials, dimensions and how it works. Prototype design must be functional ; This is a very important point of how to make a prototype. So don’t forget to make it look what it’s for, not just make it look pretty.

2. Create a 3D model

Although you can use any available material, this version gives you several advantages. You can visualize it better, fix it according to the design resulting from the tests and make the necessary iterations until you find the ideal design. Prototyping has never been easier than with i3D Printing.

The service of creating a 3D model is also available with us; so you don’t have to worry about how to make a prototype. We will take care of everything down to the last detail until you have the final piece in your hands. Our 3D printing service is the best in Mexico!

3. Carry out the proof of concept

This is the part of our prototyping guide where you build the product from the sketch , 3D image, or diagram. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look like the finished object, you’re looking for it to be functional. When it’s something simple, you can do a 3D print.

If it is something more complex, you will have to improvise the mechanisms with pieces that you have on hand. That is why how to make a prototype should not be left to just anyone, but to those who know how to design and who can materialize that great idea you have in the best possible way.

4. Seek to solve the mentioned problem with prototype design

Before moving on to the final prototype, you need to make sure that the model is a viable solution . You don’t need to worry about failed attempts as they give you several clues on how to proceed. It is a very important step in how to make a prototype ; because in this way it will guarantee that it is effective.

These rehearsals will also tell you if the idea needs to be reformulated or discarded. Since the design of prototypes is not easy at all . For this reason, prototyping must be very careful not to damage a functional design.

5. Execute necessary changes

Once you figure out how to work properly, the stage of finding the most efficient and marketable version begins in this how-to manual. To do this, you must ask yourself what could be improved, seek external help or consult with acquaintances about the operation.

This phase serves to refine the details of the launch; that’s why it’s important to mention that to get to this step you need to know how to make a prototype and you can design it with i3D Printing . If this turns out to be a problem in your process, at i3D Printing we will help you at every step so that you have your perfect final product.

We are experts in creating the prototype of any product!

6. Carry out experiments

Although it seems that you already know how to make a prototype with the previous steps, it is essential to do all the necessary tests to confirm that the solution really works as expected. This means that you must rely on different validation methods to cover all possible angles of operation.

You can also support co-creation by letting potential users give you feedback, especially if you don’t know how to prototype. This benefits your prototype design and allows you to make important changes.

7. Launch the pilot prototype

This last stage of our guide on how to make a prototype requires more time, investment and cannot be tied to radical changes in how the prototype works . We recommend doing the necessary 3D iterations and rehearsals so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Our 3D model specialists serve your needs for rapid, economical and functional prototyping models . You do not need to be an expert in prototyping to obtain the product you are looking for, you only need to contact the experts who collaborate with us.

If you want to materialize your ideas and you don’t know how to make a prototype , i3D Printing can help you in each of the creation stages, you can send your project in a file to the email: ; or contact us on any of the available lines or on our website.