Offering IT Infrastructure since 1999

Offering IT Infrastructure since 1999

Do you have the necessary IT infrastructure to achieve your business objectives?

The IT infrastructure refers to a conglomeration of services, physical devices and software applications that form the support of systems, task performance and communications in any company.
This infrastructure supports the company’s business strategy and information systems, as well as more agile services for communication with customers.

New information technologies have a powerful impact on business and IT strategies and support a defined work structure for each user or company by supplying it with the necessary technology.

The IT Infrastructure Platform is made up of:

  • hardware components
  • The processing functionalities of the servers
  • data storage devices
  • Network functionalities to allow data to flow through the IT Infrastructure Platform.

All technology services, from applications to business systems, digital records and smart products, require an IT infrastructure as the cornerstone of their effectiveness.

If we talk about technology, there is no standardized answer . In order for each organization to meet its needs and expectations, it must be provided with a personalized infrastructure geared towards its objectives.

Companies must acquire a transformation that leads to an adaptation of their resources, structures and processes in order to improve their efficiency, or they will be left behind

Our IT Consulting and Project Management service evaluates the starting situation of your company to identify problems and issues that can be improved from a strategic and operational point of view, advising the necessary solutions so that your technological infrastructure works in the most efficient way and at full capacity. .

An IT Consulting service evaluates, designs, implements and assesses the results, so that you achieve your goals.

Computer Security, Files and Networks

Today, we depend 100% on the IT infrastructure. And our value is its optimal performance.
For an efficient management of your IT infrastructure, you must have tools to detect physical disasters or unwanted intrusions in your resources, with protocols that minimize risks and prevent the company’s activity from being compromised. Because downtime becomes money we stop earning and damages our reputation.

Analyzing network vulnerabilities, physical equipment and breaches in computer security, as well as information security, entails the design of procedures that provide you with the necessary means to prevent your information and data from falling into the hands of others.

Identifying your assets, assessing the threats and seeing the impact they have on your business provides you with the data you need to choose the Disaster Recovery Plan that is right for your business continuity.

Your company cannot run out of resources and staying idle costs you money. Always choose value results through experience, knowledge and innovative solutions.

Virtualization of servers and workstations

Virtualizing the company environment and moving it to the Cloud is today the basis for increasing productivity , flexibility in the face of new projects or having test stations, increasing efficiency.
It allows you to install multiple applications on a single physical server, reducing hardware, energy and maintenance costs.

Thanks to virtualization, we have significant money savings:

  • Savings in operating expenses: You do not need so many servers, expensive cooling installations or so many dedicated personnel.
  • Energy saving: Make the most of the capacity of the servers and with fewer machines the efficiency will be the same, which leads to savings in energy consumption and the cooling power decreases quantitatively.
    Greater security:
  • Support and backup: The backup copies of each of the virtual machines are scheduled, making them more efficient and faster.
  • Managed firewall: To prevent unwanted attacks on your data or denial of service.
  • Recovery and high availability: In the event of a failure that makes it impossible to use an OS or hardware, you can transfer your virtual server to another machine, being able to recover your work rhythm in record time.
  • Scalability: Expand or reduce resources of your server whenever you think it is necessary.
  • Mobility and security: Your employees will be able to access data from wherever they are working.

By creating virtual resources, you will have all the tools you need, you will optimize storage and share IT resources with those people you think are necessary.

At Grupo Garatu we have experience and knowledge in the design and implementation of virtualized systems to create the optimal solution for your business, from basic server virtualization to hybrid Cloud services and workstation virtualization (VDI). We work with the leaders in virtualization technology, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare.

Colocation Hosting

They are private dedicated servers and/or network equipment that are transferred to the Data Center owned by an external company by renting a space in said Data Center.

By renting that space, the provider provides you with the bandwidth and power necessary to meet your objectives, also taking care of the security, maintenance and necessary configurations in an effective and transparent manner.

In addition, these Data Centers have optimal facilities, security resources and expert personnel that are very difficult or very expensive for a company to obtain.

We offer the Placement service, in which you can transfer your systems to our CPD with high security measures . The connectivity between your company and our Data Center can be established through MPSL private networks or through the Internet (secure connection through VPN).

physical servers

We implement solutions with rackable servers and servers in blade chassis. We have the most robust solutions in the server market. We work with Lenovo (formerly IBM), Intel, HP and Dell. We also collaborate with companies specializing in structured copper and fiber optic cabling.


Networks are the foundation for all IT infrastructure.
A relevant network strategy must have an optimal design, implementation and maintenance. That is, it must be redundant, efficient, simple and robust.

We design and implement LAN and WAN networks with the best existing solutions, from local copper and fiber optic networks to WAN connections with multiple operators and Data Center networks.

Virtual Networks

Virtual networks belong to the area with the greatest growth in the field of virtualization, thanks to technologies such as SDN (Software Defined Networking) and network virtualization protocols such as VXLAN or NVGRE, which facilitate integration and automation (in other words, orchestration ) of complex virtualized environments , such as hybrid Cloud for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) services.

In addition, we work with the most prestigious and innovative manufacturers of networking solutions: Cisco, HP and Dell.

data storage

backup-data-systems-security-group-garatu Data storage is becoming increasingly important in terms of improving data access speed, availability, and capacity.
Trends such as Big Data, Data Mining or Cloud services rely heavily on highly efficient storage systems.

Grupo Garatu works with SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) storage solutions, the most efficient and robust on the market, including those from Lenovo, Infortrend, HP and Dell.