How to create an effective document management system flow

How to create an effective document management system flow

The flow of the document management system refers to the implementation of an automated way of working that allows all workers to be more efficient. In particular, the document workflow is about automation through processes where the pre-established hierarchy intervenes, but applied to existing documents within a company or business.

In this sense, this documentary process fulfills the function of saving time and effort for the workers involved. In this way, the margin of error is reduced to a minimum when human interaction becomes less necessary. Thus, the company’s staff can spend their time on more productive tasks than searching, saving, consulting or locating an old document.

The advantages of the document workflow are very broad and even more so in the midst of the digital transformation era . These implementations are beneficial for any company, since they save time and money, as well as making it possible for third parties to collaborate in the processes, allowing them to add data and information. All this, automatically and remotely.

At the same time, it allows documents to be available at any time, this is because they are stored online and can be accessed from anywhere. Thus, the possibility of suffering a mishap while accessing a document is reduced.

Also, it offers automation advantages such as performing some basic calculations that can normally generate an error if they are not done carefully. In addition, it allows us to include variable images depending on who the document or documents are addressed to.

Workflow Automation

The activities within a workflow are repetitive and methodical, making each one understand what their role is and by completing it they will be contributing to carry out a particular task. So, automating the workflow refers to ensuring that these activities are carried out with the least possible effort from the staff, that is, through software.

In general, thanks to workflow automation, the company will be able to significantly reduce the time spent on each transaction with customers. In addition, it is a solution to expenses for document management through human personnel. Broadly speaking, these pain points will be solved with the automation of the flow.

In addition to all this, automating the document workflow makes the entire company run faster by allowing staff to spend their time on truly productive tasks, beyond documents. Likewise, the automation allows the inclusion of any applicable clause and can omit the one that does not correspond.

In retrospect, the automation of the workflow brings different advantages to the company that applies it, improving in the financial, productive, managerial and other fields.

Tu Workflow

An efficient workflow must meet the needs of the company and be really useful in the process of executing tasks. Therefore, this must be planned rigorously considering each stage. The easiest way to do it is:

  1. Setting objectives: knowing what you want to achieve with the workflow and which clients you want to serve is the key. That is the starting point for evaluating the direction of the flow.
  2. Design an outline: An efficient workflow must be designed from the most general features to the most specific. That is, it is most convenient to do it hierarchically starting from the top; then, having covered all the more general tasks, it will be time to attend to the workflow of those more specific tasks that allow the performance of the general ones. In this way, you have a broader perspective of the entire process to avoid errors.
  3. Make a list of those responsible: it is important to delegate tasks and list those responsible for each phase of the workflow. In this way, each staff member is clear about her role within the entire process. In addition, it is helpful to include the estimated time it takes to complete the activity and the material you will need to accomplish it.
  4. Define stages: a project may require different tasks to complete, so it is convenient to create one for each activity and thus speed up the final process. In any case, each project has its particular needs and the key is to evaluate them all when creating the workflow.
    This is a quick and effective way to form an efficient flow. Now, when you want to automate it, you need to use dedicated software to achieve it. It is enough to have a document workflow and introduce the patterns and templates to the corresponding software to achieve it.

An automatic Workflow works better with automatic documents

The creation of an automatic workflow accelerates the productivity of the company, but having an automatic document manager where the documents have the same modality gives you the extra push that makes the difference.

In this sense, Bigle Legal is a company founded with the objective of turning the way in which companies generate, manage and share documents by automating them, particularly in the Legal Tech sector . In this way, it offers freedom from those activities that are normally carried out manually over and over again.

Well then, by having an automatic workflow, the document automation tool provided by Bigle Legal is the only thing that is needed to enhance it and make it more effective. Without a doubt, it opens up the possibility of saving time and effort for all staff, helping to further minimize the margin of error generated from human interaction.

For its part, the document automation tool offered by Bigle Legal is capable of automating documents by using forms with an intuitive and attractive format. Also, it only takes 5 minutes to fill out the appropriate form and the tool will create the document you need.

Not only that, updated documents can be easily submitted and notifications will be received once revisions are complete. Also, digital signatures are a plus in the Bigle Legal tool, allowing clients to sign remotely, saving money and time.

Finally, all the documents generated by the Bigle Legal platform are automatically saved in the cloud and are available at all times for editing. Thus, you have full security and convenience in document management.

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