Five trends of digital marketing in 2022

Five trends of digital marketing in 2022

Marketing does not stop evolving, for this 2022 the new trends go beyond imagination, using tools that we all use.

Evolution, change and new trends mark the destiny of digital marketing, especially now that with the new normality we have turned more towards the virtual world.

There is (almost) nothing in the commercial, business and services world that does not have a place in cyberspace, because even sites like have made their place to capture attention, making virtuality a territory in which we all fit

Five trends of digital marketing in 2022

In this world of influencers, social networks, platforms, market places and other tools and methods of persuasion, there are news for this 2022 that you should know about, especially if you are interested in new trends in the world of digital marketing.

1.Live stream shopping

This trend is the mixture of the instant purchase of a product and the participation of the public through chat or the well-known reaction buttons.

These are online sales sessions, with views, where sites earn millions of dollars for their live broadcasts on topics that are of interest to large groups worldwide, such as: teenage women, single people, age group entrepreneurs , etc.

McKinsey says that the most famous product categories for live sales are fashion, food, beauty, electronics, furniture and decoration.

2. Human Centric Marketing (customer humanity)

Although the center of marketing has been the consumer, today this has evolved into a marketing model that puts humanity at the center of everything, the messages are not directed at people as consumers but as human beings.

Audiences are not mere receivers, but communicators who interact and contribute their opinions, so the success of a campaign goes beyond what is sold and has given way to exchanges with customers.

3. Chatbots and live chats for sales

There is no doubt that the pandemic gave a boost to the digitization of sales thanks to chatbots and live chats, tools that are increasingly common in e-commerce, which foster greater proximity between sales teams and users, which generates p2p attention.

Chatbots help generate positive results in sales, billing and increased customer loyalty. So the chatbots and conversational marketing that increased in 2021 will continue their rise in 2022.

4.Sales automation

Sales automation, or sales automation, went from being a novel concept to being necessary in marketing strategies. Up to 30% of the functions and tasks of a sales team can be automated, especially with automation software.

Companies that bet on automation in their sales processes generate more leads than other companies that have a basic level of automation.

5. Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest as shopping enhancers

TikTok shopping is shown as a set of solutions, tools and advertising options that give businesses all the influence of TikTok in purchasing decisions.

Starting in 2021, TikTok tested in-app purchases in countries like the UK, Canada, and the US, partnering with Shopify, which meant that Shopify sellers with TikTok For Business accounts added a purchase tab.

Likewise, Pinterest Shopping announced the new shopping functions of this social network for merchants and consumers in Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil. Instant purchase options will appear on pins, searches, and boards.

For its part, Twitter Commerce launched the purchases tab in the United States at the end of September 2021, where the history of purchases made by the user within the application is displayed.

This is a count of all subscriptions or entries to the private spaces of Spaces, Twitter’s private audio rooms.


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