How will facial recognition work in Smart Cities?

How will facial recognition work in Smart Cities?

Digital transformation is the main innovation engine of contemporary cities  , in  an accelerated race  to become what Smart  Cities  or smart cities will be , guided by the values ​​of sustainability, mobility and connectivity.  

And, ultimately, to achieve this goal, the key is  in  the development of  data-driven technologies ,  including  facial recognition. 

This  technology  is essential in security systems, but also to improve and streamline city management. 

At  ActionsDATA we are experts in data management and storage and we consider it essential to know the latest data-based technologies in detail. Therefore, today in our blog we analyze how facial recognition will be used in Smart  Cities . 

How will facial recognition work in Smart Cities?

Face recognition in the Smart  Cities  will be  key in  three  areas: preserving public safety , the application of the law and  to optimize  the  productivity  of the  government s  home is .   

Next, we analyze some of the applications that will be more frequent. 

Search for missing persons

The  technologies  related to facial recognition and allow you to create databases with the faces of people. This allows the data from these image banks to be crossed with the photographs obtained from security cameras  installed on the streets or in buildings and thus find missing children, victims of human trafficking  or  sick individuals  who have been lost. 

To get an idea of ​​how this technology would work, let’s think of a family in which one of its members disappears. They could hand over photos of the missing person to the police. The security agents in their systems and introduce pod laugh test this  photos with video images obtained from cameras in the city, with the help of you cnologías video analysis.  

This would allow obtaining information on the latest movements of this person, which is key for this type of investigation. In addition, it would enable an alert system to be  activated, which would indicate to the security forces if a camera captures images of the wanted individual. 

Access control to secure areas

It is an application with which many people are already becoming familiar with their phones with facial recognition. And, in the same way that we have to show our face to the camera of our mobile phone so that it allows us to access our data, we would have to do it in building access cameras. In fact, it is a technology that is already being implemented in many places and will be key to protecting  strategic buildings , such as water reservoirs, power plants or command centers.  

Protection of public events

Unfortunately, we all have in mind several terrorist acts that have occurred at local parties, concerts or sporting events. Also accidents due to stampedes in places  where the capacity limits had been far exceeded. 

Facial recognition can help in Smart  Cities  to guarantee that only previously authorized people access this type of event. In this way, it will  be controlled that there are no excessive capacity and that unknown people access without prior authorization. 

Facial recognition is here

The  facial recognition  is already a very important part of our daily lives, in our mobile phones, as already mentioned,  but  we also see at some airports immigration management and access control in high security establishments. 

And, although there are  other biometric scanning technologies such as the  iris  scanner  or the fingerprint scanner, these technologies work better  for individual identification. However, for the identification of individuals in large groups of people, facial recognition is more functional.  

In short, the road to the conversion of cities in Smart  Cities  has already started and a good example is the use of facial recognition, but in the future their implantac ng will be much higher, so that will revolutionize the cities to limits we still can’t imagine. 


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