Everything you need to know about the marketing career

Everything you need to know about the marketing career


When choosing a college career, you should ideally opt for one that can provide you with a wealth of job opportunities and does not run the risk of becoming obsolete in the near future. That said, today we will talk about an academic option that, without a doubt, meets these requirements: Marketing.

And it is that when thinking about the elements that companies need to develop and become more productive and competitive, many of these transfer us to this discipline, since it is responsible for applying marketing, sales and promotion techniques.

In fact, thanks to Marketing graduates, businesses can enjoy various benefits, for example:

  • Increase in demand for your products.
  • Increased exposure of your brand.
  • Penetration in new markets.
  • Customer loyalty.

Would you like to offer these advantages to a company? If so, we believe it is appropriate for you to know what profile a student who wants to pursue this career should have.

Precisely, in the next section we will talk about this topic.

Entry profile of the Bachelor of Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to succeed in your freshman year of college ? If you are about to finish high school and hope to study a professional career, you surely have.

Although there are basic tips to be successful in the first semesters and in the rest of the degree, you should know that these will be of no use if you do not choose a professional degree that matches your preferences, skills and aptitudes.

For that reason, if you plan to pursue Marketing or another career, you need to know what their entry profile is.

Next, we will mention 5 characteristics that a Marketing student must have:

1. Ability to adapt to changes

Constantly, the world and societies go through changes that directly influence the business environment.

When pursuing a business-oriented career, Marketing students must have the ability to adapt to these eventual changes, as well as to trends and new consumer characteristics.

For you to develop this aptitude, it is important that you be an observer and carefully evaluate the environment where you find yourself.

In addition, it is essential that you are willing to learn and have an open mind, because although at a certain moment certain marketing practices are effective, with the emergence of new trends and technologies they can become obsolete and, before this, it is necessary to replace them.

2. Interest in new technologies

Technology is a fundamental aspect in any career, but in Marketing it has a special relevance.

As it is a degree focused on persuading and motivating users to acquire certain products or services, it is important that its professionals master the different tools that bring them closer to the public.

Therefore, if you are familiar with the 2.0 world and, in addition, you are passionate about it, the Marketing career is for you!

Being in contact with technology, you will shine in different practical exercises of the degree and it will not cost you to adapt to the technical resources and platforms that are useful for the exercise of the profession.

3. Ability to face globalized environments

Marketing is one of those careers to study if you want to work in an international company .

The techniques, methodologies and concepts that you will study in this degree, although they must be adapted to the needs of a certain market, are global, that is, they will be useful in different parts of the world.

In fact, globalization and marketing go hand in hand. The labor dynamics of this career implies understanding the transfer of merchandise between countries, the consumption characteristics of the different territories and the search for opportunities in new regions or nations.

Due to this, to face the exercise of this profession you need to be willing to take on job challenges that may go beyond the borders of your country.

4. Creativity

One of the great tools of a Marketing student is creativity.

For you to stand out in this career, you need to develop your ability to innovate.

Keep in mind that during the degree you will carry out different practices in which you will have to implement original ideas to promote the commercialization of products and the advertising of a certain company.

One of the advantages of having this quality is that you will help the company you work for differentiate itself from the rest, especially from its main competitors.

5. Entrepreneurial attitude

For you to shine in the Marketing career you must have a love for the business world and, above all, entrepreneurship.

A good student of this degree constantly thinks about what things are lacking in a certain market or what product users might be interested in.

Also, a potential marketer needs to constantly consider what strategies can be implemented for companies to improve their performance.

For that reason, if you frequently think about business opportunities or strategies that a certain company could implement to win customers, it is because you have an entrepreneurial attitude, which represents a great quality for Marketing students.

Well! Now that you know the entry profile for this degree, it is important that you know what areas Marketing will teach you about. Therefore, do not stop reading the next lines!

What do you learn in the Marketing career?

The Bachelor of Marketing is characterized by providing comprehensive and in-depth training on the business world.

While pursuing this degree, you will learn about various key areas of a company and understand the behavior of the markets.

If you want to know more about the educational program of this career, pay attention!

Next, we will explain 8 of the areas in which this degree deepens.

1. Accounting fundamentals

A good Marketing curriculum, in addition to being endorsed by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), must teach about accounting fundamentals.

In fact, in the first semesters of this career you will take several subjects related to this discipline that is responsible for analyzing and interpreting the capital of a company and its different economic activities.

Take into account that learning about accounting fundamentals will allow you to perform cost analysis regarding the marketing and commercialization projects and strategies to be implemented.

In conclusion, having notions of accounting will allow you to function optimally in the world of work, regardless of the department in which you are.

2. Operation and characteristics of electronic commerce

As we mentioned a few lines back, Marketing pays special attention to technology, since it is a valuable tool to get closer to customers and generate sales.

For this reason, students in this career receive in-depth training on electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce .

Basically, this term refers to the purchase and sale of products and services through electronic means, such as web pages and social networks.

During your studies you will learn about the best practices to attract customers on digital platforms and generate sales through them.

3. Human talent management

Marketing is one of those careers that is concerned with providing a managerial profile to its graduates.

Because of this, its educational program will not only help you manage the marketing of products and services in the right way. In addition, it will teach you to handle human talent.

Thanks to the knowledge that you will acquire during the degree, you will be able to instruct yourself on the processes of recruitment, selection, training and personnel management.

On the other hand, you will obtain the management skills necessary to maintain a high level of motivation among the members of the company in which you collaborate and thus promote a healthy organizational climate.

4. Inventory management

Thanks to subjects such as Purchases and Acquisitions, during the Marketing degree you will be nourished by the best techniques and methodologies to manage inventories.

This knowledge will allow you to expand your field of action within the company that hires you. And, in addition to increasing the demand for your products, you will be able to detect when is the ideal time to place new orders and, in addition, you will know how to distribute the merchandise or raw material in batches, sectors or departments.

Having notions about inventory management, as well as understanding accounting, will make you a strong candidate for positions of great responsibility.

5. Oral and written communication

Knowing about many areas is essential for a Marketing professional; However, this is not a guarantee of success if one in particular is not mastered: communication.

Considering this premise, a good study plan will reinforce your abilities to express yourself. That way, you will be able to convey your ideas effectively and you will be better prepared to lead work groups.

6. Production management

One of the areas that Marketing graduates influence is production.

When taking this degree, you will find subjects that will train you specifically on this aspect, such as Production Management, for example.

This study objective will teach you to manage and control the systems and processes that are carried out to produce goods and services.

Even these types of chairs will help you to fully understand the different stages of the supply chain, such as:

  • Contact with clients.
  • Location and design of industrial plants.
  • Quality management.


Logically, in this area you will work together with other professionals who are directly trained to direct these processes, including industrial engineers.

7. Business intelligence

Today, mastering and understanding business intelligence is a characteristic of the most qualified professionals.

Do you know what this concept is about? In essence, this term refers to the processes, applications and technological systems that companies implement in order to access data and information in general quickly and accurately.

The study objectives related to business intelligence, also known as Business Intelligence ( BI), will enable you to interpret the data from this type of software and determine what characteristics and functionalities they must have to be effective in a certain company.

8. Management skills

A Marketing graduate is a potential director, manager, or supervisor. Undoubtedly, the training provided by this career qualifies for senior positions within companies.

For that reason, in the axiological area of ​​the career, students meet different study objectives about leadership and business management.

These types of chairs will polish your ability to make effective decisions, analyze environments, motivate your collaborators and design short and long-range strategic plans.

If you absorb these managerial skills and master the 7 areas of knowledge that we mentioned before, you can become a very competitive candidate to integrate into multiple companies and industries. If you are curious to know any of these, stay with us until the end of this article!

Marketing Job Field

The Marketing career will open the doors to an attractive world of work that can provide you with the financial stability and professional growth that you long for.

One of the characteristics of this degree is that it is very well paid. According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), its graduates are among the 40 highest paid professionals in the country.

According to the statistics of this institution, a graduate in Marketing has an average salary of $ 10,851 per month, which means that they earn almost twice the income of an average worker in Mexico, which is equivalent to $ 5783.

Of course, you can earn much more if you build a solid career, continue your studies after obtaining your professional degree and strive every day to do your best.

Another very important point is that Marketing is a career that does not have a high unemployment rate or a saturated labor market, despite the fact that it is among the 25 most popular degrees in the country.

According to the IMCO, the percentage of occupation of graduates in this academic alternative is 94.1%, which can give you the confidence that after becoming a marketer you will have a large number of opportunities.

This is because there are many sources of work for marketers; Upon graduation from this degree, you will have the possibility to work in the following 7 places.

1. Advertising agencies

Advertising and marketing are closely related. Because of this, these types of agencies are one of the sources of work for marketers.

In this class of companies you will be in charge of designing promotional and marketing strategies for your clients.

You will also be able to participate in the processes of creating the elements of the corporate identity.

Although you will not have as much knowledge in visual communication as a graduate in Digital Graphic Design or related careers, your understanding of the market and the needs of potential clients will make you a valuable mind for this type of work.

2. Media agencies

Another place where you can develop as a marketer is in media agencies.

Having the ability to research markets, understand consumption patterns and assess the emergence of new trends, a marketing specialist is essential in companies that are responsible for managing and planning the purchase of advertising space for their clients.

In this type of agency, one of your functions will be to ensure that promotional messages and content, such as advertisements on radio stations, television channels and digital media, reach the right audience.

In addition, together with other professionals you will evaluate the profitability of the contracted advertising plans.

3. Market research agencies

Although they have capital, good ideas and a good work group, entrepreneurs need technical support when carrying out projects or making an investment.

Market research agencies can be of great help in this regard.

In evaluating investment opportunities, market niches, and consumption patterns, marketers are very helpful professionals when it comes to providing this service.

You already know! If you think you would like to work or lead a market research agency, you have to study Marketing!

4. Mass consumption companies

Large companies, especially those that market mass consumer products, need the knowledge, skills and techniques of marketers.

In this type of company, having a large volume of sales and penetration in markets in different regions and countries, the marketing and advertising departments are usually very robust and have great responsibilities.

One of the tasks that you will have to perform in this type of company is to identify the preferences of customers in various aspects.

For example, you will help to define what is the ideal presentation of the different products and, even, which names can cause a greater impact on the market.

On the other hand, in this type of company you will have to constantly evaluate the behavior and strategies applied by the main competitors and, based on this, design lines of action that allow to improve the positioning or maintain the first places in the markets.

5. Business chambers

Another source of employment for marketers that you can take advantage of when you graduate is business chambers.

To collect real data and perform real-life environmental analysis, these organizations need professionals who have a broad vision of the business world.

6. Government agencies

The public sector will also offer you job opportunities if you graduate from the Marketing career.

Some state entities, such as the Ministry of the Economy, will need you to offer them your professional and specialized vision on the commercial field of different sectors.

Logically, in these organizations you will also be in charge of conducting market studies, one of the usual tasks of marketers.

7. Consultants

When companies or entrepreneurs need support, they turn to consulting firms, another job sector for marketers.

Thanks to the knowledge you will acquire during your degree, you will be able to provide advice regarding the design of marketing and promotion strategies, as well as the structuring of Marketing departments, among other things.

Also, you will be a professional capable of detecting which are the best investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and which type of markets generate the highest profits.

You should know that if you build a solid professional career, you will be able to perform these tasks independently. In that way, you will be in charge of setting the price of your services and the workload you want to assume.

Of course, when working on your own to guide companies and entrepreneurs, it is important that you project yourself as a professional through social networks and have a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and abilities, in such a way that you generate trust and attract customers.

Therefore, you should take a look at the following content:

Tips for creating an effective professional portfolio

Perfect! If you have reached this point in the text, you already know the entry profile of the Marketing career, as well as part of its study plan and its field of work.

Benefits of studying Marketing

Profile of high relevance for companies, extensive and quality training and access to a highly paid job field are not the only benefits that you will obtain when studying the degree in Marketing .

There are many other advantages associated with this great academic offer, which add more compelling reasons to the convenience of taking it into account when choosing a career . These are:

Inclination for entrepreneurship

The university today has in mind entrepreneurship as an alternative to generate income flexibly and freely.

And, when it comes to entrepreneurship, the Marketing career is one of the most attractive. Remember that this degree will train you in the art of promoting demand and improving marketing models, which you can put the service of your own business.

In addition, it addresses aspects related to management and leadership, which will also be of great help to you.

Multiple specialization options

Once you graduate from the Marketing career, you will have multiple specialization options at your fingertips, so that you can develop yourself in those areas that most interest you and passionate you.

A professional in this discipline can specialize in e-commerce, digital marketing , advertising, distribution and logistics, launching new products and many other topics of great relevance in today’s markets.

Also, the profile that you will acquire as a professional will be the ideal one to carry out postgraduate degrees associated with management and leadership that take you to a managerial level.

Possibility of working abroad

Although each market has its peculiarities, the principles of marketing are global.

The tactics and techniques that you will learn to stimulate demand and build solid commercialization flows will serve you anywhere in the world, so you will have an attractive profile to work abroad.

Also, thanks to the Internet and the digital environment, you will be able to provide services to organizations and agencies in other countries, such as digital marketing consultancies and content review.

This also reflects that the Marketing career is ideal for those who wish to opt for free professional practice.

This option, like entrepreneurship, generates freedom, because you yourself will decide how much to charge for your services and how many hours of work to dedicate each day.

Future relevance

The Marketing career is not a trend or a passing fad. It is a modern academic and professional field, which obeys the characteristics that the business market has acquired in recent decades, marked by competitiveness and globalization.

The knowledge that you will acquire thanks to this degree will allow you to have a very relevant professional profile today, and also in the future. And it is that professionals capable of stimulating sales and the positioning of companies will always be necessary and indispensable.

Brilliant! Now you know everything you need to know about the exciting and engaging Bachelor of Marketing.

If you like the business world and want to develop in a dynamic and wide-ranging work field, this career is for you!

Now, your next step should be to find a quality university in which you can study it, which guarantees you an optimal and up-to-date training.

When you are in that process, evaluate the study plans very well. Keep in mind that, to be of benefit, they must contemplate many of the knowledge areas that we name in this content.

Was this article interesting? If it motivated you to study the amazing career of Marketing and you want to know if you still have time to do it and, thus, give a positive turn to your work life, do not miss the following e book :


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