Digital Marketing: 5 key strategies for 2022

Digital Marketing: 5 key strategies for 2022

Digital Marketing is transforming by leaps and bounds and the new generations demand a deeper bond with their brands. Are you ready to learn about the latest trends in this sector?

Digital Marketing today more than ever is key. In one of his latest reports, Hootsuite and We Are Social, highlighted that 51 % of the world’s population uses social networks.

Did the pandemic have something to do with it? While this was a predictable scenario, the pandemic had a profound impact on our habits, leading to an acceleration of digital advances.

With regard to email, it is estimated that in 2024 there will be 4,480 million users worldwide.

If we must be clear about something, it is that the marketing tools that we used a month ago already have new proposals that we must implement.

The advances in the platforms and the constant updates challenge us to an adrenaline-pumping adaptation. Do we have to be everywhere? No, but it is essential that wherever we decide to be, we stand out.
Table of Contents

1 Why is Digital Marketing important for our company?
2 Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022
2.1 Privacy above all
2.2 Regionalization of our public
2.3 Hybrid event: the best of both worlds
2.4 Full adaptation to mobile devices
2.5 User-created content will continue to grow
3 The end of cookies: what will Digital Marketing be like from now on?

Why is Digital Marketing important for our company?

Perhaps for most this is an obvious question, however many companies still do not dare to take the digital leap to be truly competitive.

The equation is simple, if we are not able to take advantage of online tools for our brand, then we are not going to grow.

We are immersed in a world where our consumers are digital and although we are guiding them, they are the ones who choose the path.

“The goal is not to appear in the first place in Google for EVERYONE, but for your audience”, Ana Sordo, HubSpot Marketing Manager for Latin America and Iberia.

Currently, people connect with brands through social networks, and use their website, a chatbot or even WhatsApp to resolve any type of doubt before making the purchase.

Every day consumers are more active and demanding, so there is no magic and the equation is simple: “All the information that is online about a brand will make the user more or less willing to become a final consumer.”

As Statista indicates , the investment that has been made in digital advertising reached approximately 355.5 billion US dollars in 2020.

For its part, forecasts suggest that this trend will continue in the future until it exceeds 490,000 million in 2025.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Don’t worry, not everything will be new. But it is important that you optimize your strategy and adapt it to those trends that are here to stay.

privacy above all

It is public knowledge, the different failures in data security that Facebook, Capital One , Huawei, among other companies, have had in recent years.

Consequently, a great distrust was generated on the part of netizens, so privacy and knowing what companies do with their data has become a priority.
These are some points that you can take into account, to preserve your company’s information:

Implement backups

  • Use strong passwords in all areas of the company
  • Install comprehensive security software
  • Perform continuous monitoring and immediate response

Regionalization of our public

Although today digital tools allow us to reach any part of the world, it is key to continue building regional strategies.

Tailoring messages and content to local consumers is a precise way to reach more accurately and generate valuable conversions.

Segmentation through regionalization will also allow defining advertising budgets with better efficiency and achieving a greater impact.

Hybrid event: the best of both worlds

The pandemic was undoubtedly the final step to give rise to this type of event , which combines face-to-face with virtuality.

In other words, they are events where people who attend in person are accompanied by others who decide, for various reasons, to be present online.

Does this mean that those who live near the place of your event must go in person? Not at all, it is simply giving each person the option so that they can choose which format is most comfortable for them.

Similarly, we rescue the words of Justin Choy, CEO of Creative Technology Hong Kong:

“By going virtual with a virtual environment, you get additional benefits that weren’t possible before. First of all, there is zero waste because the entire environment is done virtually; there is essentially nothing to build and nothing to throw away. This is by far the greenest way to hold an event.”

Full adaptation to mobile devices

The data is clear, the report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, indicated that during 2020 there were already around 5,190 million unique users on mobile devices.

What’s more, 67% of the world’s population uses a smartphone.

Surely during this post-pandemic time, the number has grown. Today people look at reviews of products or services through their mobiles and even buy through them.

Taking this reality into account, it is crucial that you adapt and optimize all your content to mobile devices.

User-created content will continue to grow

Hand in hand with the previous point and thanks to applications like Tik Tok , users have become the true creators of content.

Although you will never be able to compare a production made by professionals and with a large budget, but the editing tools are available to everyone.

Another key point here is an age issue , mainly generation Z does not only want to acquire products or services, but also to connect and bond with brands, so any intervention that can be carried out with them will make them very happy.

The word happy seems totally subjective, however, as Forbes points out, all the content created by the users of a brand, who are not necessarily influencers, drives 80% of generation Z when making a purchase.

The end of cookies: what will Digital Marketing be like from now on?

2022 will continue to be a challenging year, since, as Google announced, the end of cookie tracking will come . What will we do from now on?

Google and Facebook indicated that they will seek to follow up from their properties, so they will not need external mechanisms to reach people.

For your part, you can create your own platform to obtain data from your customers, improve your CRM tools, among other strategies that you can learn in ADEN’s Online Master in Digital Marketing .

Are you already gathering your team to start your 2022 Digital Marketing strategy? Today is the perfect time to start!


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