How to Design Digital Products

How to Design Digital Products

The concept of digital product can cover a wide range of terms, however, in this post we will talk about the design of mobile and web applications , where a detailed prior study is required to be able to properly design the interfaces of the screens and the components that they will be part of these apps.

The design of digital products has been gaining more and more weight in recent times. Thanks to advances in digitization, we are increasingly faced with a greater number of interactive applications , which have previously followed a long process of analysis, design and development until reaching the end customer.

The design process of a digital product is a complex task that answers questions related to the functionality and usability of said products. The design not only refers to the aesthetic part, but it must also meet these essential requirements for a digital product to be successful and accessible to any user.

In the digital realm, a design is not based solely on choosing attractive colors and fonts. Digital design must favor the proper use of the product , be it a website, online store, app, video game …

In this regard, we usually talk about two concepts that today are on the lips of all software development agencies and creation of digital products: usability and user experience , also known by the acronym UX, and interface design or UI design.

In ancient times, the software used for different tasks, such as office automation, had functionalities that were difficult to find and configure. The evolution of these programs and the investment in usability has made their use increasingly simple , both by advanced users and by users who do not have extensive digital skills.

Thanks to research and innovation in the design of digital products, it has been possible to develop products that are easily accessible by everyone from any mobile device, tablet or computer.



Two fundamental factors come into play when designing digital products: UX design and UI design . Although it is common to get confused with these terms, we must emphasize that although both are involved in the design of digital products, they do not refer to the same thing.

  • UX Design (User Experience): It refers to the way in which users interact with a product or service, that is, why they use them and how they interact with them. To make a design focused on UX we must know the end user in detail and understand their needs in order to satisfy them clearly and easily.
  • UI (User Interface) design : UI design focuses on the visual part and on the design of the views and components that make up a mobile or web application, a video game and a long list of examples.
    In short, the UX focuses on the functionality of the product , while the UI is based on creating a product that is visually appealing . Both concepts must go hand in hand in order to be able to create a good digital product.

In the field of software development , these terms have become increasingly important to develop all kinds of computer programs and applications that are functional and attractive to users. We cannot begin to create an application without first knowing the user and their needs , and carrying out a prototyping of the product that allows us to evaluate its functionality before materializing it in the code.


Digital product design can be divided into four phases :

  • Discovery phase: This first stage is essential to build a solid foundation for our digital product. Here we will have to know and analyze the user to whom the product is going to be destined and investigate their needs and how our product will help them solve them. Market research techniques such as focus groups, surveys and other resources will help us to learn more about the user.
  • Exploration phase: In the exploration phase we will take care of building the profile of our user on which we will base ourselves to create the digital product. This user person should be very present throughout the creation phase, since they should help us design based on the real data that we have found in the first phase. The clearer we have the characteristics of our user, the better oriented will be the construction of the product design.
  • Creation phase: Once we are clear about our objectives, we can begin to develop the visual design of the product, taking care of the interface design and making a prototype to be able to evaluate the functionalities of the app before starting the development phase.
  • Testing phase : The testing phase encompasses all the tasks that deal with checking the functionalities of the app and evaluating its usability, in order to make the necessary changes before proceeding with the development phase and its subsequent launch on the market.
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