Advantages of a native app

Advantages of a native app

Obviously, unlike the development of applications in other programming languages ​​other than the native of each platform, here we will have certain advantages depending on the platform that is chosen, we will see what some of them are.

Maximum performance in devices
By taking advantage of the benefits that a native programming language provides us, we will also be taking advantage of the fact of getting the most out of the devices that have that operating system. For instance. If we are developing an application in Java for android, we know all the functions that we can add to make them run, because we know how android devices are formed and what the operating system allows us to do. Causing our app to be completely optimized for any mobile with that platform.

User experience is increased
Everything is correlated, and making the most of the functions of a device will also help the user experience to increase considerably. Take into account that a native application can optimize the functionalities that the different operating systems offer, in this way, you will allow the user to have a more pleasant and simple way of browsing your app.

Applications available from the App Store
Of course, one of the standards or requirements for applications to be available from the corresponding app store is that they be native. Although those web Apps that have a native layer and a Web layer are also allowed, however, fully native applications of the programming language have greater visibility in the application store.

Notifications available
You have surely noticed that some notifications launched by the same applications constantly appear on your device. This is one of the advantages of developing in the native language of the platform, because as we mentioned at the beginning, it allows you to get the best possible performance from the functions of a device and of course notifications are one of them.

Constant Updates
Everything goes hand in hand. Let’s say that a native application, found within the application store, having good visibility, will be available to many. This will allow criticism to be received towards the applications and they will have to be put in the laboratory to work on improvements and updates. This causes native mobile applications to constantly have updates, something that does not happen with other types of applications.


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