What does an IT administrator do?

What does an IT administrator do?

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 With the modular Desk center Management package, the German manufacturer of the same name began to implement complete messaging of Messenger and IT services. When it comes to software use and patch management, the emphasis is primarily on Windows endpoints. The IT administrator decided to look at the success of this flexible series.

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Under the leadership of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), the Leipzig provider Desk center is developing its portfolio for comprehensive management of IT activities. Desk center adheres to the IT Information Library (ITIL) and is therefore an internationally recognized de facto state of IT service management. Therefore, in the largest configuration, the Management Suite covers all key areas of ITIL. The field has a modular structure and the core of the system is the inventory. In this case, on the one hand, the producer opted for the assets under management, i.e. J. Termination tools that enter into the use of software and patch management, and, on the other hand, for unmanaged assets. The use of operating systems, software and packages can be used as separate building blocks with the permission of each asset under control. The same goes for license management, as well as application measurement activities, the App Cloud software catalog, and DNA, to which we will return soon. The service table allows Desk center for all support staff based on the current principle of use.



Desk center gives each license a one-time purchase, plus annual support, maintenance or rental. This includes DNA libraries, support services, and a software directory.



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In terms of inventory and asset management, Desk center is proven to be highly flexible and provides Windows client recording without agents and software installed on them. This works as long as clients communicate via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Desk center supports the Windows operating system from Vista and Server 2008 onwards.In addition, since the earliest version of Management Suite, the manufacturer has integrated Apple macOS through Mac Inventory and various Linux distributions using a component called Inventory Script. Both receive on-site hardware and software files from the user and send them to the Desk center server for further processing.

The software management component is the focus of the package and is therefore our test. However, Desk center is limited to Windows endpoints. Management Suite manages the initial installation of the operating system and drivers, application packaging and delivery, as well as patch management. Suite also requires SDI Agents by the owners. Desk center manages Windows Updates independently without the need for Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).However, it is also possible to combine support with a pre-installed WSUS. In terms of background, Desk center also uses Windows. Basically, the servers manage a Windows server with Microsoft SQL Server and IIS, and associate user and server accounts with Active Directory.



The architectural set is comprehensive and can create both organizational and large organizational maps (Figure 1). At least one Information Service model forms the basis of the program. If multiple leases are required and therefore independent entities want to manage IT operations partially or completely independently, they can use a single Data Services database in a central location. In such a framework, tenants play documents in their chests, the Master Information Service maintains a common view and allows, for example, to regulate licensing licenses or to pre-close existing documents. to all residents.

However, if there is only distributed management infrastructure, no additional information services are required. Data Service monitors one or more instances of service operators, which is responsible for customers reviewing and inventory and developing programs and updates. In this case, Desk center is addressing the distributed labor trend. Providing that Service Workers can be installed on clients with DMZ and SDI representatives, they can find new software and updates at the far end, even outside of the business network and without a VPN.


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As part of the test, we introduced Desk center Suite Management Desk center as a domain controller and Service Desk center server on our infrastructure, both on Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 20H2 clients. Moreover, the device has given us access to its surroundings to enable us to view the wider area as well.


The PDF Setup and Initial Configuration Guide is 76 pages long and the comprehensive user is 942 pages long. All, however, should not be deterred by such an abundance of information. To evaluate each device, we carefully documented all types of products for this combination. In addition, the device supports primary concept testing (POC), as in our case. Complete the plans up to the first day of success with the initial program for clients in the middle of the working day. SQL Server and IIS serviceable parts. We have already provided the domain controller and also another server that must provide all the Data and Data Desk center services. For operating operation, the manufacturer recommends at least one standard database server service and over 350 clients on separate devices: one for the Data Desk center and the other for the Services. In our very small VM along with a free Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express edition was enough. In accordance with the Desk center guidelines, we installed the Internet Server with all the necessary web services and functions. In addition, we have configured Windows Firewall

Desk center specifications. Even in this case, we were able to report the arrest information to the factory


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